Miguel Paredes to unveil The Manifestation of Cross-Over Art 12/2/09

Miguel Paredes to unveil The Manifestation of Cross-Over Art at Art Basel Miami Beach 2009

WHO / WHAT: Acclaimed Miami pop artist and urban impressionist, Miguel Paredes, will present his highly-anticipated exhibition, The Manifestation of Cross-Over Art: An Exhibit of New Media Genesis, during Art Basel Miami Beach 2009. The installation will take place at a pop-up gallery located at 412 Lincoln Road and will celebrate the launch of Art Basel with a grand opening reception on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 hosted by 944 Magazine. Cocktails will be provided courtesy of Leblon, an ultra-premium cachaça produced in Brazil, V Georgio Vodka, One Life Water and is catering provided by RA Sushi Restaurant and Sushi Samba.

The Manifestation of Cross-Over Art will be a multicolored demonstration utilizing mixed styles of art and media showcasing Paredes’ never-before-seen paintings and sculptures from his Digital Art and Los Niños collections. Throughout the exhibit, guests can expect to see fine art pieces as well as digital artwork; however, they will also be introduced to a modern genre, “cross-over art.” The pop artist’s trend-forward style will be exemplified in his most recent works and will capture the intriguing combination of classic fine art mixed with digital pieces resulting in riveting, eye-catching compositions.

“I am excited to show Miami Beach a new enthralling way of mixed, multi-media art! Art enthusiasts will experience a floor-to-ceiling explosion of brilliant, vibrant colors at The Manifestation of Cross-Over Art. My passion for Japanese animation, the 80s New York urban art movement and the works of renowned pop artist Peter Max have all been of great inspiration,” says Paredes.

“The Manifestation of Cross-Over Art will also be an exhibit about exploring media and pushing its boundaries, therefore, creating art catering to an even greater mass appeal,” says Paredes. Each individual piece of artwork will be presented in different types of media – the base or surface to which the paint is applied. State-of-the-art technology has been applied to materialize unique pieces of original artwork using metal, flat LED light displays, clay, canvas and many more mediums.

During the grand opening cocktail reception and through the remainder of the weeklong exhibition, collectors will have access to Paredes’ inaugural toy and figurine line including mini versions of the seemingly innocent, yet rebellious characters found in his numerous collections.

About Miguel Paredes
Paredes, a New York native, combines cutting-edge styles of street art, pop art and Japanese animation to create distinct, trend-forward pieces. Drawing inspiration from pop icons such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, he has created his own niche of street graffiti, landscape and pop art affording him the ability to singlehandedly crossover from street walls to creating decorative art. Over the years, Paredes took the Miami Beach art scene by storm, selling out numerous venues to become one of the most prosperous local artists. Paredes, who has been Miami Beach based for over two decades, acquired a private studio space on Lincoln Road to further expand his inspirational environment while simultaneously showcasing his works at local, national and international shows such as Art Basel. For more information on Miguel Paredes, please visit: www.miguelparedes.com

WHEN Events: Grand Opening Reception – Wednesday, December 2, 2009 6 p.m. to midnight
Future events throughout the week TBA
Viewings: 9 a.m. to midnight
Wednesday, December 2 through Wednesday, December 9, 2009
WHERE The Manifestation of Cross-Over Art
(Between Washington and Drexel Ave.)
412 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139