Human’s Shouldn’t Do Machine’s Work/Red Dot Lounge 12/3-6/09

WHEN: December 3-6, 2009, Preview reception December 2, during the renowned Art Basel Miami Beach week.
WHERE: Red Dot Fair, Wynwood Art District, Miami inside the lounge of the 30,000 sq. ft. pavilion
WHAT: Experience the lounge at Red Dot Fair curated by Eileen Braziel and designed by Armand Aubery.
ABOUT: “Humans Shouldn’t Do What Machine’s Do” based on current art installation artist’s influences in science and art.
Curator Eileen Braziel
Eileen Braziel Fine Art
229 B Johnson Street Santa Fe, NM 87501
Designer Armand Aubery
Architecture and Interiors, Inc.
1662 North East 123rd Street
North Miami, Florida 33181
Art Curator Eileen Braziel chose New Media artists who work with man-made materials and aesthetics as concept. The artwork is not the typical dark ended message surrounding punk, goth and sci-fi undertones that leave us in the mist of gloom and doom: Instead, the 400 sq. ft. lounge is full of machines that click and clang, move and illuminate with a result what is visually beautiful. There is something meditative about repetition, almost calming as listening to a Cagian prepared piano: Beyond the remains of our thought, the installation art in the lounge at Red Dot fair gives us something to look and grasp, and we are not left in the dust.
The lounge at Red Dot will house New Media art based on the observer’s participation: Federico Muelas’ video projection, and interactive video, Joel Hobbie’s LED installations from recycled metals from a science laboratory, Greg Caprnka’s live camera work is presented in LCD screen mocking a painting with an ornate frame, Sandro Del Rosario’s handpainted 16 MM film is presented in an antique writing box, Teri Yarbrow and Max Almy’s small LED video of a white dove inside ornate bird cages fill the lounge.

One can visit the space, have a cocktail and relax in an eclectic atmosphere designed by ARMAND AUBERY, Architecture & Interiors from Miami. Please join us during the hype of the art fair and charge yourself from the block’s band of familiars. Outdoors features sculptures by Beth Rekow “Skin” and Joel Hobbie “Theremin Project” where there LED are solar powered.