Cremata Gallery presents Diego de Souza + Luis Manuel Fernandez 11/13/09

Cremata Gallery presents Diego de Souza + Luis Manuel Fernandez
Friday, November 13th, 2009. 7:30 p.m.
Left: Diego de Souza. “Llegada”. 2009. Mixed media on canvas. 60″ x 40″. Right: Luis Manuel Fernandez. “Hasta la Giraldilla se fue!!!” 2009. Bronze
Opening reception: Friday, November 13th, 2009. 7:30 p.m.
Location: Cremata Gallery. 1646 SW 8th Street. Miami, FL 33135
Dates: From November 13th through 30th, 2009
Admission: Free

A dialogue between the works of Diego de Souza and Luis Manuel Fernandez: one exhibition, two artists, one Argentine and one Cuban, two different ways of approaching art. Diego’s paintings, with his expressive use of color, light, transparency, and his free and imaginative strokes, comes very close to pure abstraction.
In contrast with Luis Manuel’s sculptures: precise, figurative and full of symbolic realism. The exhibition is the dichotomy between two artists, but it’s also full of coincidences – both produce the type of work that we want to be surrounded with in our private and personal spaces: classy, ingenious, elegant.
Diego uses his experiences in photograms and scenography to support the development of his painting. The expressive quality of his experiences and observations is translated to canvas in both an imaginative and an emotional way, his exuberance and passion are contagious. His brush strokes and visions are his own, an expression of his heritage, taste, and the people with whom he interacts.
Luis Manuel constructs visual emblems in bronze as realistic as the Giraldilla in a raft, “Hasta la Giraldilla se fue!” or the play on words brought to us in “Marea alta” and “Marea baja”. Unlike the formal poses of classical sculpture, larger bronzes tend to be relaxed, their uninhibited, languid bodies reclining comfortably or sitting in a chair. He expresses the meaning of “being alive” as a physical reality. An original in his own way, he never views another artist’s work as a template to follow.
Diego and Luis Manuel are mid-career artists in full creative maturity, with well-deserved professional recognition from many quarters, residing in collections from New York and Miami to South America and Paris. Diego comes from the prestigious National University of the Arts in Cuyo, Argentina. Luis Manuel is from Las Tunas, called the City of Sculpture, and graduated from the famous Cubanacan National School for the Arts in Havana, Cuba.

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