Chew Life Going Green Networking plus Live and Raw Food Tasting 11/29/09

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An introduction to going green for networking professionals
Visit the Epic Hotel on Sunday November 15th for an introduction to Going Green as professional networkers. Beginning at 5 PM The Epic Hotel along with Chew Life Catering will be hosting this event. Sponsored by Veev Spirits, the night will beging with a complimentary eco-friendly cocktail followed by The Epic’s two for one special which will include VeeV cocktails specials. Chew Life Catering will be offering an option to buy in to their special VIP Live and Raw food tasting upstairs at the River Lounge for $10 at the door.

Chew Life Catering’s Live and Raw Food Tasting: Going Green with VeeV Spirits
Get your fill of Miami’s top notch Live and Raw Food dishes at Chew Life Catering’s Grand Opening at The Epic Hotel. The evening will begin with a complimentary cocktail sponsored by VeeV Spirits and will move into Chew Life’s vast array of Living and Raw Foods Hor Deovres. After you’ve have had your fill, continue the evening at the River Lounge, celebrating an Eco friendly 2010 and enjoy The Epic’s two for one cocktail special or simply stick with Veev who will be offering discounted organic cocktails throughout the evening.