The Ascended Masters Party 11/1/09

“Jesus, Buddha, and Kuan Yin all walk into a party together in South Florida. Jesus turns to them and he says, “Hey, isn’t that Isis over there dancing with John Lennon ?”

The Ascended Masters Party, a costume party of sorts, which celebrates tolerance, peace, harmony, oneness, and a universal love for all of our brothers and sisters on earth, is taking place in South Florida. The event, sponsored by Medicine Signs Spiritual Center, raises the question, “What if all the Ascended Masters of all the religious groups of the world got together for a party? Would they argue and fight? Or, would they find that they had much to discuss, like peace, forgiveness, acceptance, hope, harmony and love?”
Party-goers are encouraged to dress up as any ascended master or spiritual being they like. These include: Jesus, Buddha, Kuan Yin, Lord Krishna, Lady Nada, Archangel Raphael, etc. “One person even plans to come as John Lennon because he saw him as such a force for world peace and love,” said Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Norris of Medicine Signs. “And, that is okay,” he adds, “Such beings are filled with so much light and do so much for the good of the entire human race.”
Medicine Signs Spiritual Center is a Universalist teachings group that honors all spiritual traditions, teachings, and pathways. In other words, they blur all the lines and unite everyone as one people, regardless of what theism they belong to or what their background, race, or sexual orientation. Their community goals and concerns include: teaching art to disadvantaged children, encouraging ecology and holistic green living, and preventing family violence.
The party plans for November 1st include a delicious International Cuisine Dinner with foods from local vendors for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. There will also be dancing, a Silent Auction, and costume contests with prizes and activities for both the kids and the kid-like adults. The festivities will begin at 4:30 PM and run till 9:00. The evening’s live entertainment will include concert performances by acts like acoustic performer Thom Hurley, and popular local band, The Morning Flesh Project. The winners of nine 2008 Status QuO South Florida Live Music Awards, The Coffee House Gypsies, will also be performing at the event.
Jonathan Nadal, drummer for The Morning Flesh Project, had this to say about the event, “Religion has for too long been a source of division and contradiction. A party like this will be a playful reminder, and glimpse, at how the world could be united under one faith; the faith in each other. Under the veil of a costume party with excellent entertainment, this event will bring people together and encourage acceptance.”
Coffee House Gypsies frontman, Albert Damian Mata commented, “Any event that unites people is a good event, and this is definitely a good event. We are so unconsciously conditioned through upbringing and society to accept the stigma that if people are different from us, they must be wrong, or they must be held apart. The theme of this costume party is just the opposite of that. Basically, this is saying that we are all one, and we can all get along, regardless of where we come from. And that’s cool. I like to think that if Jesus and Muhammad and Buddha were alive today they would all get along just fine. It’s actually a pretty beautiful concept.”
Admission is just $30 for adults and includes a beer or glass of wine. Children under sixteen pay only $10. All proceeds will go to Medicine Signs Spiritual Center (a not-for-profit organization) and any extra food will be donated to the local homeless programs. Tickets can be purchased online through PayPal by clicking the “Make a Donation” button at RSVPs are requested in advance. Everyone is invited to attend and encouraged to come in costume.
For more information, please call 786-2OI -2468 or visit