Behind Closed Doors Art Exhibition Part ll 10/30/09

“BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” is an Art Exhibition-Part ll

Exhibition Details:
Opening reception: Friday, October 30, 2009
Location: Fache Arts
Address: 750 NE 124 Street suite 2 Moca Plaza, North Miami, FL 33161
Dates: From October 9th – October 31, 2009
Admission: Free
Regular hours: Monday to Friday 12pm-7pm Saturday by appointment.
Contact : 786-709-5129

The Exhibition:
Fache Arts & Amy Alonso Gallery announces second exhibition of the “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” Part ll Art Exhibition-after the amazing exit of our first oppening of the behind closer doors art exhibition second part the Return of the 80’s!!! by 80’s Icon photographer Jamie Robinson and Abstract Artist Carla Fache.

“BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” Part 2 the Return of the 80’s is an art exhibition that drives you through the silent voices of a generation known for sharing a prolific mindset. A generation fruitful in urban tribes and pioneer in the freedom of artistic expression. A generation with so much to share and to hide.
Behind Closed Doors tell you about people driven by passion and desire to be different. People connected through music, art, and fashion searching for their own identity. People without the Internet, hiding behind closed doors to avoid criticism from those who were not ready for the change.
Jaime Robinson, captures the images and feelings of those who are behind those closed doors, letting you all in once again to ” The Chelsea Hotel” in the 80’s and one of a kind drag queen portraits from the 90’s, while Carla Fache share her conceptual vision of the eighties through a special art collection inspired in the 80’s paradigms shift.

Recharge yourself with the energy and creativity of one of the most interesting decades!
The 80’s are back again and this is your opportunity to relive them again through a threesome of photograph, music and paintings. If you grew up in the 80’s come and open your senses to one of the most distinguish decades of art expression. If you weren’t around in the 80’s come and experience what you missed!
Complementary Drinks, Live Entertainment and the best music from the 80’s, don’t miss this opportunity!!

Jamie Robinson graduated Antioch College in 1974. She then went on to become the first female videographer for CBS where she covered the White House during the Carter Administration. Traveling extensively with the President and his family on Air Force One.
Jamie moved to the Chelsea Hotel in NYC in the late 70’s & worked for ABC shooting news & documentary features. She continued to pursue her artistic inclinations & while living in the Chelsea Hotel she befriended a dominatrix names Fushia, together they collaborated on a series of photographs of men in bondage.
Jamie’s work was has been exhibited worldwide & in the 80’s Jamie was a big part of the SOHO photo gallery. She had numerous award winning photography exhibitions shows during the early 80’s. fellow artist like Andy Warhol & Jean-Michel Basquiat,

Carla Fache was born in Santiago, Chile, on May 14,1977. Residing in Miami, Fl since 2001. since the age of four, her drawings reflected her creative mind, signaling her out from the rest of her peers. During her adolescence, her imagination exploded into a world of creativity, displayed onto the canvas. She translates her innate and original talent, through her strengths and passions, using her favorite color “RED”. Surrealist art and the comics lured her into the art world, preparing her to discover her artistic niche in abstract modern art. Her mission is to allow the spectator to tap into his/her own imagination and exercise his/her freedom of thought and expression through his/her own interpretation.
In “Behind Closed Doors” Part ll Exhibition she will be showing not only the vibrant abstractions on canvas for which she is best known, but also a series of recent black and white artwork, recycled cigar boxes paintings and her Black & White Masterpiece painting Acrylic on Canvas.
Carla Fache is in Facebook!.

Please come and support all proceeds go to helping the animals visit