Bellydance University with Hanan at St. Johns on the Lake 11/7, 12/5/09

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an intellectual forum and culture observatory
Two Saturdays, Nov 7 & Dec 5, 3-5 pm

Join Hanan in exploring the history, contexts and impact of bellydance on popular culture, while learning new movements and meanings. The second workshop will build upon the first, incorporating academic scholarship, movement vocabulary and creative interpretation.

This series is geared to anyone interested in having a deeper understanding of bellydance, its social context throughout history, and how to apply that depth to their dancing and performance!

November 7, 3-5 pm “What is now and what came before” – a glance at history, herstory and our story. This workshop will use scholarly articles and creative unblocking exercises to get to the core of the dance, its historical relevance and how to apply that to our dancing.

December 5, 3-5 pm “Beyond kitsch, exoticism and projection” – articulating our truth. This workshop aims to dispel myths and transcend cultural projections, to arrive at an organic departure point for dance and performance. This workshop will workwith women’s folk styles, to encourage each participant to find their authentic voice.

INFO: 305-613-2325
LOCATION: St.John’s on the Lake, 4760 Pinetree Drive
Miami Beach 33140