Photographs – Miami Marketers at Piola, Moda 7 at 900, Moskova at LIV

{HOLY CRAP!!!! I just had one of the BEST nights in a long time! Started pretty good with bites and sangria at Piola in Brickell for the Miami Marketeers. Then moved on to the Moda 7 art show at 900 Biscayne Bay. Good art, good drinks, and aMAZing views! Finally, we were so tired that we almost did not go to LIV for the Moskova Affair by Stoli. So glad that we got up the energy to go. Absolutely spectacular show. Not a door issue in sight. The bar started a bit slow, but eventually got into assembly-line style and were cranking out drinks at high speed. But, by far, the most incredible part of the show was the performance by the Vau de Vire Society. I am about to fall over from exhaustion, so these photos are mostly presented unedited. Some of these photos are mine, some are by our new photog, Heart of Miami. There are a LOT of photos here, and I am just going to post them all.}

Also, the better gallery here.