Vagabond welcomes the Shameless Burlesque hosted by Back Door Bamby 9/19/09

Saturday 9/19/2009 – The Vagabond welcomes the SHAMELESS BURLESQUE hosted by Back Door Bamby
This Saturday, Bamby welcomes the girls of the SHAMELESS BURLESQUE for a back to school special.
The beginning of the school year is always a somber occasion, but maybe it would be a little easier to bear if your teachers and classmates looked like the girls of the Shameless Burlesque…
With all of your favorite naughty misfits and sex kittens…
Also Featuring Musical Curation by Ray Milian . Ryan Evans . Carmel Ophir & A-Train
Doors Open at 10pm
Complimentary Belvedere Vodka Cocktails From 10pm-11pm

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The Vagabond
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