Sexploration Art Exhibit by Carla Fache and RE SANCHEZ Opening at Fache Arts Gallery + Amy Alonso Gallery 9/25/09


EVENT: Art Exhibition
Artwork by Local Artists Carla Fache and RE Sanchez
LOCATION: Fache Arts + Amy Alonso Gallery
750 NE 124 Street suite 2 Moca Plaza, North Miami-33161
DATES: September 25– October 9
RECEPTION: Friday, September 25, 7:00 pm-11:pm
HOURS: Monday – Friday 11 am – 6 pm
CONTACT: Amy Alonso 305-975-6933

Fache Arts & Amy Alonso Gallery is pleased to present concurrent solo shows by two Miami-based artists: Chilean -born artist Carla Fache Residing in Miami, Fl since 2001 and Re Sanchez Salvadoran expatriate who in 1989 relocated to the U.S.

SEXPLORATION is a show that takes the audience to a sensorial ride thought the channels of passion, emotions and thoughts that plunge right into the spectator bloodstream at once.
The right combination between skin, mind and pulsations, provides the spectator visual clues for their internal deepest orgasms’ mazes and pressure balance to their body heat.
Through their canvas, colors, angles and body, the interaction between these two artists enriches every second by all the artist pieces pulsations together, defining a new vocabulary word for passion: SEXPLORATION. Carla Fache and RE Sanchez bring to the Floridians an intelligent art show, with sensitiveness, high conceptual technical qualities and deep color passion that contributes to the balance of our soul and body flow, just feel it pumping…!

Carla Fache was born in Santiago, Chile, on May 14,1977. Residing in Miami, Fl since 2001. Since the age of four, her drawings reflected her creative mind, signaling her out from the rest of her peers. During her adolescence, her imagination exploded into a world of creativity, displayed onto the canvas. She translates her innate and original talent, through her strengths and passions, using her favorite color “RED”. Her mission is to allow the spectator to tap into his/her own imagination and exercise his/her freedom of thought and expression through his/her own interpretation. Carla Fache – Chilean artist whose works are an extension of her senses, flooded with sensuality and vibration. Her work is inspiring; the art simply pours emotions.She is a modern art expressionist whose appeal has crossed all boundaries and borders leaving only expectations as her greatest adversary. The World is her canvas; the road is her paint.

R. E. SANCHEZ is a Miami-based artist whose work has been exhibited regularly in non-profit organizations and gallery venues. He is a Salvadoran expatriate who in 1989 relocated to the U.S. to pursue his passion for art. Since 1994 he has participated in solo and numerous group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. His work can be found in many private collections. R. E. SANCHEZ’s work offers cultural commentary on the personal, social and political events of the human experience. Visual activism, deconstruction, reconstruction, cynicism and satire are the five themes of primary focus in my most recent endeavors. The artworks that emerge from these themes primarily intend to mesmerize and engage the audience.

Fache Arts & Amy Alonso Gallery in Miami is dedicated to exhibiting Abstract art by CARLA FACHE as well as national & international artist. focuses on modern and contemporary artists from Latin America, North America and Europe. The gallery program challenges the traditional views of Art and showcases the great range of styles, materials, themes and aesthetics in artistic production from this diverse World Art. The gallery is located in the Moca Plaza and is open Monday-Saturday, 11 am- 6pm. For more information or appointments please contact: or email