Common Roots Art Exhibition Reception at Miami Beach Botanical Garden 10/6/09

Common Roots Art Exhibition
native and traditional plants from Florida and the Carribean
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
2000 Convention Center Drive
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Arts at St Johns (ASJ) is a nonprofit community arts program started in 1999 at the St. Johns Methodist church, with the vision of promoting local artists and using the arts to address social issues.
The Common Roots show does both: All are local artists, and the social issue is preserving and restoring our natural environment, especially native and traditional plants.
ARTISTS: Linda Apriletti, Patti Black, Rosie Brown, ary Catello, Elizabet Chacon, Ruben Chamizo, Dee Clark, Perri Cox, John DeFaro, Mark Diamond, Natasha Duwin, Rosa Gallardo, Flex Maslan, Deborah M. Mitchell, Evelyn Mitchell, Terry Arroyo Mulrooney, Miguel Paredes, Patricia Roldan, Irene Sperber, Paula Turk, Marilyn Valiente, Nelson Viera, Deborah Weed, Marian Wertalka

The Exhibition Reception is on Tuesday, October 6th from 7 to 9pm at Miami Beach Botanical Garden, 2000 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Steve Woodmansee will present two related programs:
Regional Native Plants on Wed. Oct 7th, 10 am to noon
Coastal Native Plants on Sat. Oct 10th, 10 am to noon at Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Exhibit Curators: Winsome Bolt, Debra Cortese and Carol Hoffman-Guzman will also be exhibiting their art.