Life Is Art and Metro 1 Properties present Earth Is Art – An Environmentally Artistic Miami Showcase 8/22/09


Life Is Art and Metro 1 Properties present

Earth Is Art

An Environmentally Artistic Miami Showcase
Hosted by the Green Building Resource Center

August 22, 2pm – 10pm
120 NE 27th Street # 200, Miami, FL 33137 – Google Map
$10 suggested donation at the door.

Music by DJs  Soozin –  Alan Stenback –  Matt Way –  Sebastian C
· Featured Artists: Antonia Wright ~ Brett Sauce ~ Carla Fache ~ Carol Kingsley ~ Daniel Marosi ~ Deborah Weed ~ Eileen M. Baldwin ~ Flex Maslan ~ GusColors ~ Jennifer Rivas ~ Jovan Karlo Villalba ~ Rainer Lagemann ~ Rosa Naday Garmendia ~ Tashmeha Ignacio ~ R.E. SANCHEZ
Live music by Almost Blue -  Pocket of Lollipops with visuals by TM Sisters and Dylan Romer –  UOM
Fashion by Noble Truth ~ Deborah Desilets
Fire dancing by Jillian with Nestor on Drums
Gastronomic arts by Ñaki Culinary Delights – Om Garden
Live Auction provided by Skyler “The Antiquarian” Goldberg
Complimentary beverages provided by Schnebly WineryGrolsch Beer
Additional support by ~ ~

2:00-10:00 Art Showcase
2:30-4:30 DJ Matt Way
4:30-6:30 DJ Sebastian C
6:30-8:15 DJ Soozin
8:15-10:00 DJ Alan Stenback
Drum Jam 2pm – 5pm
6:00~7:00 Almost Blue
7:30~8:30 UOM
9:00~10:00 Pocket of Lollipops
Fire dancing between bands
Silent Auction and Sale 2pm-8pm
Live Auction 8:30pm

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~ Mark W. Forman, Gallery Marco, Painting – Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 24”, Value $2000.00
~ Kayak Jeff Inc, Paddling Basics 101 Class 4 hours of training, Value: $55.00, 4 available.
~ Lavazonn Gallery, blue agate wraparound recycle leather cuff/ bracelet, Value: $65.00
~ Deborah Desilets, one of a kind art gloves on lincoln, Value: $1500.00, a portion of this donation goes towards the Lincoln Rd 50th Anniversary fund.
glove1 glove2
~ Debra Cortese, Laptop/Business microfiber Bag is perfect for back to school or work, 14.5″W x 11″H x 4.5″D, $129.95 value
~ Tonya Scholz, kNOw-AGING, Inc, Life Extension wellness basket, $200 value



DJ Way
In Chinese philosophy, the concept of yin yang is used to describe how seemingly disjunct or opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, giving rise to each other in turn. Artistically, DJ Way cultivates yin and yang expressions through the exposure of classical & house music. He holds Masters and Undergraduate performance degress from the prestegious Juilliard School, NYC. While studing classical music at the conservatory his weekend passion for house music evolved from dance floors into the DJ booth. Way’s mixing style and track selection are a direct influence from his expertise in understanding tonal & harmonic implications, performance practice, texture, and musical form. He is known for his musically acrobatic style. Way has traveled across the world performing classical music… along this road he’s left his mark on the underground house music scene as well. Currently residing in Miami, FL Way performs with numerous ensembles including Naples Philharmonic, Sarasota Symphony, Seraphic Fire Chamber Orchestra, Florida Grand Opera, & Palm Beach Opera. He is also a former member of New World Symphony. As DJ Way, he’s held residencies at Float (NYC) as well as Blue, Black Sheep Bar, & Sixx Lounge (Miami). For upcoming events or promotional materials please contact:

– – – – –

DJ Alan Stenback
A musician and entertainer since an early age, Alan is skilled on several instruments from keyboards to strings. While growing up outside of Cleveland, OH, well before dedicating himself to the turntables and mixing board, Alan picked up the guitar. He spent several years gaining valuable classical guitar training, while simultaneously finding his harder edge on the electric guitar. Thick, driving distortions and drop-d tunings were the bread and butter of his upfront style.
Presently, in the recording studio, Alan dedicates himself to original production and remix work spanning the genres of house and techno. Never complacent, Alan continually evolves his style to satisfy the thirst for new and creative material, and challenge the scene musically while staying true to himself and his roots. His DJing style is geared toward creating a great vibe for the party through impeccable programming and seamless mixing skills. His soundtracks range from tech-house and techno to acid, deep and classic house, while maintaining a solid, clubby groove.

– – – – –

DJ Sebastian C
Growing up outside of Toronto, Canada, Sebastian knew at a young age his passion was music. Picking up his first set of decks at the age of 14, he still remembers getting that first 1200 home and staring at it for hours. Passion is what this guy is all about.
Sebastian’s focus has now centering on making his own music to refine the other key technical ability expected of djs in this day and age: production skills. Last year was busy with releases on Nikola Gala’s Escada Music and Plastic City’s Galvanic label. 2009 promises even more with a forthcoming EP on Sultan and Ned Shepard’s esteemed Harem records imprint. Keeping his ear to the ground, expect great things to come from this up and coming producer.

– – – – – –

DJ Soozin
Soozin is a Florida based DJ that has been playing music to dance floor enthusiasts for almost 10 years. She began DJing in 2000, in Gainesville, FL, and quickly began earning gigs at various clubs, including Full Circle, Bleu, and others. She began playing out in Orlando and south Florida shortly thereafter. Soozin now resides in Miami and still DJs regularly at various clubs in the tricounty area. She also recently gained international exposure, playing opening night at Liquid in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. She is also Music Director for Life Is Art.



Almost Blue
almostblue almostblue1 almostblue2
Funky Soul and Rockin Roadhouse Blues
– – – –
Pocket of Lollipops
pocketoflollipopslogo 100_0525 6
Visuals by TM Sisters
tmsisters1 tmsisters2
And Dylan Romer
dylan1 dylan2
The musical performance is a range from an indefinite mix of culture and technology we have evolved a limitless sensation to stimulate various compression and transverse physical properties to produce a sense of intensity, which causes a direction of auditory art. We have paired this auditory art by providing different levels of illuminated projections that are distributed on the musical performers. The projections create a theatrical setting producing illusions of continuous interconnected changeovers to accommodate the sounds In the conclusion of the performance the viewing audience is treated to lollipops an invention that is still something of a mystery that dates back to the middle ages.
– – – –
uom1 uom2 uom3
UOM is a different type of musical project. I think that we are doing music that is unlike anything happening on the Miami scene right now. It’s not rock or pop, even though we carry a fair amount of rock & pop influences; but it’s not avant-garde classical either… we play without scores and with no affiliation to academies or institutions. But we do play music, and we do so with fun, soulfulness, and a lot of creativity. We place the emphasis on non-traditional instrumental techniques, and our approach to composition is collective and ususally totally improvised.



Antonia Wright
Aaron Painted Eyes7-1 tree paint4 tree paint-2
I am a Miami born, Cuban-America artist, whose work employs photography, poetry, performance, installation, and video art and the interaction between these forms. My pieces are ‘social experiments’, highlighting the bizarre within the everyday façade of the ‘normal’.
– – – –
Brett Sauce
keywest1 miamiworld1 newyork1
Brett Michael Sauce, was born and raised in Southern Louisiana. Just southwest of New Orleans, in the heart of Cajun country. Brett’s artistic talent became apparent very early in life. After completion of high school, Sauce attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and graduated Advertising Design. He worked in advertising, from production artist, to art director, to freelance advertising illustrator. He has always specialized in airbrush. His artistic career encompasses corporate projects in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.
– – – –
Carla Fache
DSC02673 DSC02864 DSC02807
Painting is the faith within me, that endless hope that we as human beings carry through life. In my artwork as in my life, everyday brings a new challenge, a new goal to reach. When I paint, my canvas and I drift to another world, almost a dream world to me. All my senses come into play: my emotions, my eyes, my hands, my canvas, my ears… I’m in tune with myself, and all that surrounds me.
– – – –
Carol Kingsley
bananas-card banana-leaves-II bananas-negras
“In my long walks I’m fascinated at the beauty, light and life that exists in everything in nature and wish all through my paintings could see it, feel it and be grateful for it, as I am.” Venezuelan artist from british descent, has lived in Rio and Caracas and has been a Coral Gables resident since 1979. She received a Bachellors Degree in Fine Arts and Philosophy from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello. She likes to paint with a limited pallette using layers of washes that portray an exceptional display of shadows and amazing light which she certainly captures in her paintings.
– – – –
Daniel Marosi
This series of paintings is titled Wasted. The work showcases specific people known to my particular group of friends. The paintings are emblems of an urban tribe that lives mostly in South Beach. In my life there was a period of time after college when life got a little random and in between developing a career and bombing in love and experience, the messiness can fondly be remembered with all its awkward and freaky moments in these images.
– – – –
Deborah Weed
dramaqueendiscover Stupendous-LIA Plungediscover1
Water sculptures are the primary medium for my mixed media pieces. The result is a salubrious technique that takes color into a new arena of purity that is vivid, fluid and alive. Residing in trendy South Beach is my inspiration. The vibe here is bold and daring and my studio is literally on the white sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. According to my collectors, my work titillates the senses and is very sensual.
– – – –
Eileen M. Baldwin
My art is inspired by my collective experience in music, advertising and exposure to multi-cultural influences. And by my curious, creative and spiritual nature. “Why paint?” It satisfies my desire to be inventive and to explore my creative sensibilities. Also, it’s the immediacy of painting and play of expression that appeals to me. I combine and contrast the abstract and representational. In part, my work may contain spiritual and symbolic references, figurative, abstracted images or the essence of nature. I work on canvas, masonite board or wood using acrylic, oil, metallic and other additives.
– – – –
Flex Maslan
eye-opener-xxs trinity-on-ice-xxs wood-b-predator-xxs
I tend to seek out the unusual, un-photographed or under-photographed. On the flip side, I like to take some very common subjects or themes and develop them from a different perspective.
– – – –
Just Wanna Escape... 7.5 Deck What Shark
Artist Statement: To promote advancement of the cultural arts in all communities.
– – – –
Jennifer Rivas
hermit-rszd Self-Port-edited-n-stamped Sheeba-edited-n-stamped
Born in Cali Colombia in 1983, Jennifer migrated to the U.S residing in New York. She moved to Miami Beach in 2006. She has background in performing arts and graphic design as well as music, and plans to continue her studies here in Fl.
– – – –
Jovan Karlo Villalba
WarontheOctupus©Jovan_Villalba09 Washout©Jovan_Villalba09 TheWave©Jovan_Villalba09
Through my art, I aim to create a gratifying and refreshing experience by stimulating contemplation and escapism in a viewer. I like to think of my paintings as puzzle segments that provide a glimpse of pictorial worlds that are inviting and free to inhabit. Through the juxtaposition of curious references, and the fusion of abstract marks, I assign unconventional roles to familiar imagery. The whimsical reconstructions of dislocated elements describe settings that emanate meaning over time, resulting in work that is simultaneously deliberate and vague.
– – – –
Rainer Langemann
01-Lagemann-0408-SophiaJason 04-Lagemann-0108-Tahirah 02-Lagemann-0108-Alvaro
I use metal squares to sculpt the human form, creating works that elicit both the strength and delicacy of the body. I concentrate on the human body in a modern interpretation of the classic art of sculpture.
– – – –
Rosa Naday Garmendia
03.detailFC FCx4 FConthewall
As visual artist, I am interested in such themes as migration, uprooting, human identity, impermanence and the values we share and/or differ as a society. The consequences of migration and displacement at an early age are the single most determining events that have shaped my identity and compelled me to become an artist. I use the visual arts as a vehicle to stimulate ideas, provoke thought, and confront commonly accepted attitudes. My works are points of departure, rather than destinations.
– – – –
Tashmeha Ignacio
Art-Comission-09-15 Art-Comission-09-4 Art-019
Obsessed with obsessive obsession. To do, do, do, and do again over, the same. And in the night to dream to do, and in the morning to crave to do. The drive driven by wanting to see the do, do, doing be done. To start to do all over again, to wonder how it can be done and done and done the same but differently this time. Do it big, do it bold, do, do, do it for you so you don’t have to. So you can see the result of the doing after it has already been done, and you can wonder what it is like to do it too.
– – – –
sanchez Sanchez 11. We Are...Democracy Sanchez 10.So Pure...Worldwide
R. E. Sanchez is a Miami-based artist whose work has been exhibited regularly in non-profit organizations and gallery venues. He is a Salvadoran expatriate who in 1989 relocated to the U.S. to pursue his passion for art. He received his Bachelor of Art (BFA) from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2000.


Fire Dancing by Jillian and Nestor
Fire2 Fire3
Some videos of the fire dancer.


To promote green design, the Metro 1 Green Building Resource Center is hosting a very special environmentally themed artist showcase featuring South Florida artists presented by Life Is Art. The event includes over a dozen local artists, music, live performances, green resource presentations, fashion, complimentary beverages, food, and fun for everyone.

The Metro 1 Properties Green Building Resource Center is a space designed to educate the community about the green building movement and the resources available for the many facets of the green building industry. The center offers a touch-and-feel atmosphere, allowing visitors to connect with materials on a physical level; however, printed materials are available to visitors for informational purposes.
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Life Is Art, Inc is a Miami, Florida based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the art and creative communities in Miami and beyond through the production of regular arts events and the development of a business incubator for working artists.