Cinema Green Environmental film with ECOMB The Environmental Coalition of Miami and the Beaches Saving Our Reefs at Miami Beach Cinematheque 7/14/09

14 TUE 8pm:
“Cinema GREEN”
An Environmental film series In collaboration with ECOMB The Environmental Coalition of Miami & the Beaches
Saving Our Reefs
(a documentary film by WLRN/2008)
The beauty and splendor of North America’s only living coral barrier reef has attracted millions of people to the warm waters of the Florida Keys. This living coral reef system is home to thousands of species of marine life that use the corals irregular topography as an ideal place to shelter them. Unfortunately, the popularity of this underwater ‘Garden of Eden’ has created a negative impact on this national treasure. Pollution, harvesting of coral, and excessive fishing have compromised this fragile ecosystem. This documentary, which aims to create awareness about the importance of protecting this delicate ecosystem, explores the state of the coral reefs today and challenges viewers to help in “Saving Our Reefs.”
The film will be introduced and followed by a Q&A with an expert on the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (TBA)
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