How to protect your legal rights at work 5/13/09

Miami-Dade Public Library System
Employment Seminar
Federal Employment Law
How to protect your legal rights at work
Special guest : Attorney Bruce Coane will be speaking about Federal Employment Law and legal rights in your Work Place.
¡P Labor and Employment Law:
– EEOC Complaints
– Overtime Pay
– Discrimination
¡P Civil Rights:
– Sexual harassment
– Retaliation
– Age Discrimination
– Race Discrimination
¡P Employee Retirement Income and Security Act:
– Employee Benefits
– Long-term and short-term disability claims
P Immigrant Worker Rights

Wednesday, May 13
6:30 -8:00 pm
Miami Beach Regional Library
227 22nd St * 305 535 4219
For reservations please call: 305 538 6800 or email