Harold Golen Gallery That 70’s Show 5/9/09


That 70’s Show! Featuring: Netherland, Ken Bernstein, Jason Snyder
Opening Reception: Saturday , May 9th 7-11
May 9th- June 5th
(Wynwood Art District)
2294 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127

New (Groovy)1970’s Themed Art at those Old (very affordable) 1970’s Prices!

Artist/ gallery curator David “Netherland” van Alphen lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. Though David’s family was from Holland, he was born in Toronto, and has been in Chicago for the last eight years. Being a child of the 70’s has influenced him greatly and is reflected in most of his work. Juxtaposing images, his color choices and the new modern context comes through his nostalgic imagery and helps to isolate and enhance them. David has shown at many galleries throughout the U.S. and sold out his first solo show last January.


As a baby boomer growing up in the suburbs of Miami, the majority of my childhood was spent in front of a television. I sat on the Florida room floor with a fold out TV tray and a bowl of Cap’n Crunch as the only separation between myself and the television screen. My eye sockets were black holes providing the portal for the right side of my brain to absorb all energy and matter produced by the flicker fusion television transmission of Outer Limits, Adams Family, Star Trek, Man from Uncle, Invaders, Shindig, Batman, 77 Sunset Strip, Time Tunnel, Lost in Space and all the other cult status programing.

Due to long term exposure of the Television’s electro magnetic radiation, I mutated into a robotic space probe. The Voyager 1 of POP, speeding in a solar wind through interstellar space to gather information on popular culture.

Fortunately, I have some ability to translate my information to canvas utilizing the brilliant vivid colors of acrylics, so others can see and feel what I see and feel.


Jason Robert Snyder spent most of his childhood on a farm in Pennsylvania, studying his surroundings and formulating ideas of the world around him. he began transferring his ideas through oil paint while attending the Pennsylvania State University as an Architectural Engineering student. completely self taught, through trial and error in the years since, he has developed his unique style and interpretation of reality to what it is today. in each one of his pieces, he uses vibrant
colors and distorted figures to convey one idea about the human spirit. currently, in addition to fine art, Jason is a custom framer at Carmen’s Gallery and Design Studio in Solomons, Maryland, as well as a freehand pinstriper. Jason resides in Solomons with his wife, Laura; his dog, Leia; and his ’53 Buick.