Invitation to a Relay event this Friday 4/24/09

Can you please forward this to all your friends? This is for a Relay in West Kendall, is this Friday.

Check it out, the committee is made of about a dozen High School Kids (I worked with them) they have worked really really hard for the past six months on this event (even when they have final exams & fcats soon and they are doing an amazing job with this event).

I want to invite people to go and support them. Walk a lap with them and check out the Luminaria Ceremony (there they’ll light candles for those that lost their fight and those that survived this decease) and show them how important is to help out in the community and to support each other.

Why do I Relay?
I participate in Relay For Life because i have lost my grandfather in December 2008 from brain cancer after fighting other types of cancers for 6 years.
I relay because family friends were not able to fight the battle.
I relay because i don’t want to lose anymore loved ones.
I relay because i have friends who have lost loved ones.
I relay because i have friends with family who are currently battling cancer.
I relay because i know people who are currently fighting cancer.
I relay because i want to find the cure.
I relay because i care.
I relay because i am tired of having cancer take over innocent lives.
I relay because i need to spread the word.

We, the lakes of the meadow committee, relay because we want to play our part in fighting cancer, we want to make an event where we can promote awareness.

In the U.S men have a slightly less than a 1 in 2 lifetime risk of developing cancer: for women, the risk is a little more than 1 in 3. An average of 1.4 million people are diagnosed with cancer YEARLY, and statistics raise yearly. Florida is the second state with the largest amount of people diagnosed with cancer, at about 106,560 people yearly. so please come out to: LAKES OF THE MEADOW RELAY FOR LIFE !
located at 4450 S.W. 152 AVENUE (Bird & 152 Ave – Lakes of the Meadow Club House)
on APRIL 24TH – 25TH from 6PM TO 6AM
Overnight events symbolize:
-Cancer Never Stops.
-When a person is diagnosed with Cancer, their world crashes, it turns dark.
But then they find hope, which is when the sunrises.
The event is very symbolic, and surprisingly enough, very actively fun.
Please don’t hesitate to ask me or the LOTM committee any questions.
Visit our website:
Join a team, create a team, donate or sign up as a volunteer and attend the event.
Participate for those you’ve lost to cancer, Participate because you care.
Please & Thank you,
-Bibiana Potestad
Team Development Chair and a Volunteer helping FIGHT Cancer.