Open Call For Am Jam – The Ultimate In Artistic Expression 4/2/09


AMJAM @ Arts & Minds Center in Coconut Grove:
Freedom of Artistic Expression
Happening Thursday, April 2

Happenings are alive and kicking in the Grove, at the Arts and Minds Center.

WHO: AMJAM started out as a “Jam Session” for musicians as part of the educational program at the Academy of Arts & Minds High School, located at the Center, with as a collaboration between music instructors and student artists.

WHAT: It quickly morphed into a “Happening,” involving multiple art forms, a forum for expression where students, teachers and other talented people from through out the City can “show their stuff.” The result is an evening that can include vocal or instrumental music, dance, comedy, drama and visual art performances, turning the A&M terrace into a creative extravaganza. Everyone – student or professional, is invited and encouraged to join the jam. It is great way to forge artistic alliances among enthusiasts and colleagues alike.

WHEN: Arts & Minds Center holds the AMJAM every first Thursday of the month. The next AMJAM takes place Thursday, April 2, 2009. Starting time for student artists is 7:30 pm. For instructors and professionals 9:00 pm.

DETAILS: All artists; musicians, singers, dancers, dramatic and comedy stand-ups and visual artists are invited to participate.

There are only two rules.
1. You have to be good at what you do;
2. You have to be ready when your turn is called.

Info: Juan Turros: 786-357-7447