Dr. Leonard Tachmes and Mr. Jorge J Hulian present, “Reveron’s Dolls.” Featuring photography by Luis Brito 3/28/09

Dr. Leonard Tachmes and Mr. Jorge J Hulian present, “REVERON’S DOLLS.” Featuring photography by LUIS BRITO

Opening: Saturday, March 28, 2009 7:30pm to 10pm.
Address: 3930 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, Florida 33127 (to the West of the Design District)

The retrospective exhibition of Venezuelan artist Armando Reverón at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York (February 11-April 15, 2007), has become an important reference worldwide.

The dolls made by Armando Reverón played a fundamental role in his creative process which is why one of them was included in the show presented at MoMA composed of more than one hundred works including paintings, drawings and objects.

Luis Brito, awarded with the National Photography Prize of Venezuela in 1997, was commissioned to photograph the dolls as a way to preserve the Reverón legacy. These dolls, handmade by the artist, were his models and companions; for Brito, the process did not flow easily since the dolls, which are seemingly unanimated objects, have a life of their own and express their anguish and will. Therefore, in Brito´s words “they simply did not give themselves to the camera”. He then decided to change their surroundings, and placed them in front of a black fabric and waited. Suddenly the dolls got the message of the artist- photographer and began to perform; they stopped being simple dummies and mutated their lifeless look into gestures. They allowed Brito to do what he knows best: explore into their deepness and extract the life they once had with Armando Reverón.

The photography show reveals a profound psychological study of Reverón´s work, visualizing the genius of an upholder of world visual arts, through the irreverent talent of Luis Brito. Also included in the show is the screening of an educational video on the careers and values of both creators. For more information