Good for The Noff for delaying the Stadium Deal

{Okay, I know this isn’t a political blog. And I know nobody wants to hear me pontificate, but it’s my blog and I’ll talk about what I want. This crap really pisses me off, so I had to say something.}

Full Story Here.

“With the Florida Marlins stadium deal in danger of being killed — with just four commissioners present — Miami Commissioners late Friday postponed a final vote until March 12. That will allow all 5 commissioners to be present — and may save the deal.

The vote followed a day-long debate that descended into chaos Friday afternoon after City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff demanded significant modifications to the deal in exchange for his support.

Those modifications included making the team partially responsible for cost overruns at the stadium’s planned parking garage and greater financial benefits to city and county government when it comes to stadium naming rights and profits from the possible future sale of the team.

Without Sarnoff’s support and with Michelle Spence-Jones absent, commissioners were deadlocked in a 2-2 tie, which for now would kill the deal.

After Sarnoff requested the changes, commissioners abruptly took a recess.”

{Personally, I think it is bullshit to make the tax payers pay for a playground for a bunch of rich people. All of the Marlins and their corporate overlords make about a bajillion dollars more than I do. If they want to new space, they can freaking build it themselves. Grats to City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff for showing at least a little restraint and defending our interests.I now return you to your regular festivities!}