Around Jenin’s by Jerome Soimaud Opening Reception at Yeelen Art Gallery 2/14/09

“Around Jenin’s” by Jerome Soimaud, Opening Reception
Saturday, February 14 at 7 p.m.

“Around Jenin’s,” a photographic series of Miami’s Little Haiti by Jerome Soimaud, will open at Yeelen Art Gallery. From the perspective of a local corner store, the artist invites you to discover the universe of this African Diaspora. Jenin’s is the quintessential corner shop, a fixture in Little Haiti’s urban landscape where community life is played out. Vibrantly animated, the atmosphere offers many characters: the shop owner, the talker, Casanova, the baller/shot caller, the notorious, and even the dreamer. Ideas are spilled, gossip is shared and a vision for the future is laid out. You occasionally find the stumbling drunk, the so-called lady of the night, and even the police, adding to the spirit around Jenin’s. It’s about life, surrounded by streetlights, the wailing of sirens, and the sweet sounds of soul music. The exhibition is on view through March 31, by appointment only.

Yeelen Art Gallery
250 N.W. 23rd Street, Unit 306, Miami
954-235-4758 (Karla Ferguson)