Coral Gables Gallery Night 2/6/09

2440 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134
305 446 5578
Opening Reception
Friday February 6, 7 – 10
The Magical Narrative
in Latin American Art
Artists featured: Ignacio Gana (Chile), Liliana Golubinsky (Argentina), Antonia Guzmán (Argentina), Andriy Halashyn (Costa Rica/Ucrania), Giancarlo Puppo (Argentina/Italy), José Perdomo (Dominican Republic), Javier Valle Perez (Nicaragua) & Patricia Villalobos.
The Americas Collection is one of the most reputable leading galleries in Miami, Florida. Founded in 1991 by the Ortiz-Gurdian family and under the current direction of Velia Larcinese and Silvia Ortiz, The Americas Collection has successfully established itself amongst those known for their innovative thinking while keeping emphasis on high quality art.
For 16 years The Americas Collection has dedicated its efforts to the proliferation of contemporary Latin American art with the inclusion of some Europeans and American artists in its repertoire as well. The principle that the dynamic of a good contemporary gallery should be to provide the most well rounded assortment of renowned masters and emerging talents has made The Americas Collection an exciting and eclectic organization.

169 Madeira Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134
305 444 4493
Chinese Artists Cao Xiaodong and
Li Xiaofeng Recycle Tradition
“SAVE AS: Contemporary Chinese Art Born of Ancient Traditions,”
offers an artistic take on the theme of recycling.

Being exhibited from the first time outside China, the show includes three garments fashioned of ancient ceramic shards and 18 mostly large-scale paintings whose subject matter is old photos and postcards.

Li Xiaofeng created two full-length dresses and a man’s jacket, shirt and necktie from pieces of Ming, Qing, Yuan and Song dynasty porcelain, sewn together with silver wire. Three of the fragments in one dress are from the Emperor’s Palace, as indicated by their five-clawed dragons, which were forbidden for anyone else.

Cao Xiaodong, whose paintings are done as a dot pattern reminescent of old newspaper illustrations, contrasts social and political context in China with that of the United States and Europe, such as young women in the militaristic uniforms of the Cultural Revolution compared with Playboy Bunnies, or the Tiananamen Square massacre with the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

Jorge M. Sori Fine Arts
2790 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134
305 567 3115
Ivan Loboguerrero, Alejandro De Narváez and Erick Sánchez. Recent Works
Loboguerrero was born Bogotá, Colombia. His art blends clean colors with shinning strokes, which creates peaceful atmospheres. His work is rich in oil quantity and though elaborated textures, visual sensations are generated. With this horizon, the artist offers us his first diptych.
De Narváez was also born in Colombia. His work includes both paintings and sculptures. . In his paintings, the mix of geometric angles and spherical elements, creates a gamma of vivid colors, which can be appreciated in his Forest series. In his sculptures, we see his inspiration, which is the geometry of the pre-Columbian cultures, evoking historical memories of legendary civilization
Sánchez is a painter and photographer born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1973. He brings us a serie of paintings Metamorphosis: Dreams and Memories. His work transports us to an ideal place full of hope peace and harmony. His work is an expression of his innermost self…his feelings, the manner in which he thinks, his deep spirituality.

miArte Gallery
85 Merrick Way
Coral Gables , FL 33134
305 445 2783
Something in Common
Now in its 3rd year, 85@85 is one of the most anticipated annual exhibits of the Miami Art Season. The exhibition features 85 emerging and mid-career contemporary artists from around the world. The exhibition is presented as a unique installation of 85 separate 20 x 20 “ canvases ranging in style and media from abstract to realism.
Something In Common draws on the boldness of the color red which is dominant in new works by both MANO and George Rodez. In the exhibition MANO introduces his newest series Bloodlines and George Rodez presents new works from his Elements & Values series.
Off-street metered parking is available and a municipal covered parking garage is located directly across the street from miArte Gallery via an entrance on Aragon Avenue. Take the Gallery Bus from our gallery’s front door and visit many of the other galleries throughout the Gables on Gallery Nights.

3155 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, Fl. 33134
305 461 1050
Important Cuban Artists, Volume Seven.
Selections of Works by Cuban Artists from the 19th – 21st centuries
This blockbuster yearly show – the gallery’s seventh edition – features more than 70 paintings by Academic, Modern, and Contemporary Cuban artists, including: E. Chartrand, Leopoldo Romanach, Wifredo Lam, Victor Manuel Garcia, Amelia Pelaez, Mario Carreño, Cundo Bermudez, René Portocarrero, Servando Cabrera Moreno, Antonia Eiriz, Tomas Sánchez, Agustín Cárdenas, Mendive, Sosabravo, Flora Fong, José Bedia, Gina Pellón, Julio Larraz, Pedro Alvarez, Esterio Segura,Clara Morera, Vicente Hernández, Florido, David Rodríguez, Ramón Vázquez, Gabriel Sánchez, Irina Elén, Vicente Hernandez, Miguel Florido, and Giosvanny Echevarria, among others.

Durban Segnini Gallery
3072 SW 38 Ave
Miami, Fl 33146
305 774 7740
César Paternosto
Painting and Sculpture 1970 – 2008

Born in Argentina in 1931, César Paternosto has exhibited widely in Latin America and abroad. Since he began working as an artist in the early 1960s, Paternosto has been in the vanguard of abstraction in Latin America. An expert on the symbolic systems of Pre-Columbian civilizations, Paternosto has used his own photography and drawings to document and analyze the ancient remains of the region. Paternosto’s exploration of Amerindian abstraction has fueled his artistic work of the last twenty years.
“[…] Ever since the early 1930s, when Alexander Calder visited Piet Mondrian’s studio and had that marvelous vision of imagining his neat rectangles as if they were flying through space, nobody had achieved a similar effect to the one conceived and executed by Paternosto with his pictures painted on the sides of the canvas, with the resulting effect described earlier, of glowing weightlessness.”
Francisco Calvo Serraller, The Edge of Light, in César Paternosto, exhibition catalogue; Segovia: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente, 2004.

305 Alcazar Avenue Suite #4
Coral Gables Fl 33134
786 877 1045
Humberto Benítez
Cuban Art is Hot! Cuban Artist Humberto Benitez will unveil several of his new pieces to be exhibited at Art Expo New York 2009 and at the 2009 Coconut Grove Art Festival.
The painter creates canvases rich with imagery of his homeland’s music, landscape, people, and customs in exuberant, jazzy compositions that reflect his soulful yearning for a paradise lost.

Leonor Murciano fine art gallery
2918 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, Fl. 33134
305 446 3008
Leonor Murciano
Artist in residence
This new piece from her Cuban Series called “Felicidad y Añoranza” depicts the happines of a couple in love, with a sense of nostalgia for what was lost.
Murciano originals are created with oil on stretch canvas, and each piece is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. She also offers a limited edition of high quality giclées -canvas only- per art piece, in different sizes. Each piece is signed and numbered by her.