FIU Honors College Class Curates Show at Dorsch Gallery Opening 1/17/09

On Saturday, January 17, 2009, 3-5 pm, Dorsch Gallery will have an opening of Shapeshifterd. The Aesthetics & Values Class from the Honors College at Florida International University (FIU) curates this group exhibition in collaboration with Dorsch Gallery. With Shapeshifterd, the Class responds substantively to the previous month’s exhibition, Shapeshifter. The Class will change the installation of the exhibition and add to it, seeking to question the way curation can affect the way one sees or thinks about a work of art. The exhibition includes work in several media, including paintings, video, projection, sculpture, and mixed media, by Jenny Brillhart, Elisabeth Condon, Robin Griffiths, Richard Haden, Michelle Hailey, m lafille, Martin Murphy, Ralph Provisero, John Sanchez and Kyle Trowbridge.

The Aesthetics & Values Class from the Honors College at FIU is taught by John Bailly. Students are Samantha Banal, Robert Cascella, Stella Concepcion, Linda De La Paz, Noel Deckert, Moises Enghelberg, Ernesto Fernandez, Gisell Fiat, Monica Font, Adriano Froes, Gabriela Garcia, Dahiana Gil, Thomas Johnson, Yesica Laver, Linda Lee, Michael Lopez, Jacqueline Lorenzo, Linda Martin, Priscila Mojica, Ana-Sofia Navarrete, Rozina Partabi, Jairo Pava, Melissa Pita, Gaudry Puechavy, Mariana Restrepo, Sergio Rioseco, Miryam Rodriguez, Ashley Rousseau, Nalisa Saati, Frances Sanchez, and Alejandro Stein.

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Shapeshifterd responds to the previous exhibition, which explored the idea that change can come in many guises, some formal and other formative. Collaborating with this FIU class continues Dorsch Gallery’s effort to further the discursive fabric of the art scene in Miami.

About Dorsch Gallery
Since 1993, Dorsch Gallery has nurtured the development of its artists through both personal and professional relationships. In the process, the gallery’s founder Brook Dorsch learned a great deal about these artists’ practices. In keeping with this dig-deep philosophy, Dorsch and his wife, Tyler, organize events that allow viewers a glimpse into what goes into the art. In order to provide its artists with new contexts, Dorsch Gallery strives to expand the presence of these artists’ work nationally and internationally. Under the aegis of the “new contexts” philosophy, Dorsch Gallery will also invite visiting curators and artists to do work at the gallery, creating an exchange of ideas and, of course, ways of looking and doing. To enrich this exchange, supplementary writings and events are encouraged, reflecting investment and belief in the art shown here. As Dorsch Gallery has long maintained a connection to the arts scene at large, the Dorsches will continue to involve the gallery in Tigertail Productions, Interdisciplinary Sound Arts Workshop, Dixie Dingo Film Festival and other alternative events. Such extensions further engender aesthetic and conceptual creativity, fostering more critical art making, viewing and discourse. Dorsch Gallery is located in the heart of Wynwood at 151 NW 24th Street.

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