Sunset Art Culture at D&G Art Gallery 12/5/08

D & G Art Design Gallery is the result of combining years of experience, creating an exciting fusion of art and design in Miami. Its art department, known as D & G Fine Art, manages some of the most prominent and up-and-coming contemporary artists of this exciting field.

Gallery president, Erik Don, along with art director, Oswaldo Agudelo, has created a unique environment where both artists and collectors can come together. Here, it is not only about the economic benefits, but also about the sharing of ideas, making D & G Fine Art in Wynwood a cultural breeding ground where art can be freely expressed.

It is during this edition of Art Basel Miami Beach where well known artists in Latin America and Europe are solidifying their already recognized talent and D & G Fine Art is excited to bring some of the greatest emerging talents to Wynwood at 540 N.W. 28th Street.

Artist A/k/rona of Colombia will be showcased. With his surreal and abstract paintings, he has become a star among collectors in Dubai, where he was chosen as one of the best during the Emirates art fair.

Jorge Jimenez Deredia of Costa Rica will be showing his monumental sculptures. Jimenez Deredia has seen his works in Saint Peter’s Basilica, commissioned by the Vatican. During this year’s Basel, he will present his latest and most representative pieces.

Peruvian Paolo Cordano comes with his particular dose of abstract art, inspired by the pre-Columbian period. It is the force and impacts of his chosen color palette that identifies him as a great artist.

Marjolein van der Sluis of Holland is known for her subtle oneiric art and her particular use of pastels. For his part, Spaniard Ruperto Cabrera, uses the images of well known works of art and mutates them into a classic and modern mix, which has already taken him into some of the biggest auction houses.

Also from Spain is Pilar Cocero. She brings her singular vision of the world and its majestic landscapes, interpreted in her use of color and light.

Gustavo Duque, fresh off his recent successes in South and Central America, appears renewed and confident with his pieces, in which the horse serves as the central theme.

Eloisa Castellanos, of Cuba, appears with her altered states of consciousness and her Eastern influences. Always playful in her use of color, her work shows an almost monochrome scheme. This is in stark contrast to the works of Colombian Helbert Ortiz, for whom the warm and intense colors of his native land are the bases of his inspiration. Almost always using the female shape as an example of perfection, Ortiz incorporates it as his primal concept of beauty.

For the most demanding of collectors, Miami’s D & G Fine Art in Wynwood also features several pieces, such as “Revolution”, by Marc Chagall, “The Girl”, by Pierre Auguste Renoir, and “The Painter and his Muse”, by Pablo Picasso. It also features pieces by Maurice Utrillo, Norman Rockwell, Camille Pissarro and Alfred Sisley.

D & G Fine Art provides a variety of services. These include the rating, certification, investigation, printing and editing of books and lithographs. Additionally, it includes a successful guidance program for the buying and selling of artwork for collectors. D & G Fine Art is proud to provide investment expertise in this very sophisticated art investment medium.

All of the artists featured within D & G Fine Art are widely known and recognized for their trajectory, putting them side by side along many of the greats that can be found in some of the worlds most prestigious auction houses.

With the guidance of Oswaldo Agudelo, your visit to the gallery will not only be stepping into the world of art history. It will also be an opportunity to receive a complete assessment of how the art world works and what are the best investment options within this sophisticated and passionate trade.

Every year, Art Basel gauges what will be the next “Big Thing” in the art world in the coming months. D & G Fine Art finds itself in the privileged position of being a part of that process, making its mark at the highest of levels, both for artists and collectors.