Miami Art in Action at The News 12/6/08

Miami Art in Action
December 6 from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Noble Truth, a fashionably sustainable apparel company in Miami Beach, is hosting a live art exhibition that showcases Miami-based artists. ‘Miami Art in Action’ will feature some of the city’s most well known visual artists. David LeBatard, a/k/a LEBO, a post-modern artist known for his vibrant colors and cartoon figures, will be the special guest of the evening. Claudio Picasso, a/k/a P1, and Daniel Fila, a/k/a Kraveare, are two of the most recognizable urban muralists in Miami and have been adding color to the Design and MiMo Districts for the past decade. They will each be creating a unique piece of art live during the event.

The News at 55th Street
N.E. 55th Street and 4th Court
Miami’s Upper East Side