Art Loves Music: Yelle 10/3/08

Art Loves Music: Yelle
Wednesday December 3, 2008
10 p.m.
On the beach, between 21st and 22nd Street
Free public access
Information: Florida Office Art Basel Miami Beach,
Tel. +1/305-674 1292

Born and raised in Brittany, France, 25-years-old musician Yelle is known for her spirited, explicit lyrics, laid over a pulsating pop electro beat. This musical prowess was first showcased on her MySpace page in 2005 with the track “Je Veux te Voir”, responding to a macho song by French rapper Cuizinier. After her first solo performance at trendy Paris venue “Paris Paris” last year, Yelle is the emerging artist in France’s new girl-power scene. Yelle is the stage name of Julie Budet, a feminised version of the acronym YEL, “You enjoy life”. In combination with the explicit lyrics, her flashy appearance and electrifying performances were a great success, not only in the technotronic scene but also in the European charts. Her songs echo a certain nostalgia for the golden years of French electro-pop but are boosted by the groove and vibe of this shameless nouveau rave femme.