PanamericanArtProjects during Art Basel 2008

Panamerican Art Projects presents three solo exhibitions featuring works by Francis Acea, Tracey Snelling and Ana Maria Pacheco in the project room.

Francis Acea (b. 1967, Havana, Cuba-lives in Miami, Florida) generally is commenting about the value of producing, and of making money, versus the real value. In a sense, Francis is testing the notion of invented value versus accumulated value. His work is filled with irony, as he is practically challenging the spectators, but at the same time appealing at their sense of humor. This is a highly seductive type of art that will appeal to a selective type of viewer.

Tracey Snelling (b.1970, Oakland, California- lives in Oakland, California) works with elements mainly from the advertising industry and the cinema. Many of her pieces are inspired by movies, especially from the fifties. She also takes elements from the architecture; bringing it to her pieces as photos or as scale models.

Ana Maria Pacheco (b. 1943, Goiánia, Brazil- lives in London, England). Best known for her life-like sculptures based on religious figures, Ana Maria is also an accomplished printmaker. The gallery is presenting her work ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, a sculptural installation, based on the life of St. Sebastian; the work expresses her reaction to the military dictatorship in Brazil during the 1960’s and 70’s. The installation is accompanied by drawings and prints.

2450 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33127