Art fair looking for a home

Anybody want to host an art fair? Who knew it was going to be so hard to just find a venue to hold a little art show at? Certainly not I! Dozens of calls later, it is getting ridiculous. Either the place is unavailable, or they don’t do that kind of thing, or they would be happy to host it but want to charge an arm and a leg. But, mainly, people just don’t answer the freaking phone.

Well, the search goes on. I’m sure something will show up soon, then we’ll be rolling.

Yes, that is correct, Soul of Miami is producing an art fair, with the help of several very good people, of course. For more information, please check out Life Is Art. There really is not much information there, yet, but we will be updating as we go along.

If you have a venue or know of a venue that would be a good potential, please contact us. We are looking for a space around 2000 square feet. If you are an artist interested in showing, definitely let us know.