Larry Savage Galleries Opening Reception 11/22/08

Larry Savage Galleries Opening Reception this Saturday 22nd.
Lawrence Savage Galleries cordially invites you to the premier opening of cutting edge Art from the Street in the East Village Gallery next to Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables
Portraits Leonardo Hidalgo • Shie Moreno
Saturday, November 22, 8 pm – until

Hidalgo, Portrait of Linda Evangelista, acrylic on canvas, 2003, 70 x 50 in

Leonardo Hildalgo
Breaking the mold of traditional portraiture, Ecuadorian born Hidalgo crosses the line between graphic art and fine art, his recent work focuses on his subject’s face. He holds firmly that eyes are windows of the soul and that a person’s essence is captured within. Hidalgo portraits are more than a reflection of a person’s image. He studies his subjects closely to identify their personality. Each brushstroke and color is considered to bring the best of that person into the canvas. Hidalgo lives and works in Miami. He has gained notoriety with his dynamic and provocative fine art, murals and portraits; “I will never lose the child I have inside me. It is what makes me see this tough world beautifully and allows me to survive.” Today his paintings are a true reflection of that vision.
Shie Moreno
Shie was born in La Habana,Cuba, migrated to Los Angeles and moved to Miami. Life in L.A. is where Shie was introduced to an emerging subculture defined by distinctive musical, dance and art forms that captured the essence of the surrounding urban environment. As inner city tensions rose between different groups in East L.A., Shie and his family moved to West Miami. Touched by the energy in the streets, Shie began to explore the world of aerosol art. Experimenting with this new medium became a defining feature in this artist’s ventures in the city, in his many quests to visibly conquer the streets of Miami. Rather than assimilating to the mainstream, he asserts his own path as an artist. Since the millennium, Shie’s shifted his focus to creating art to be enjoyed indoors, while remaining active as a street artist. He proclaims that through his art he can understand himself and his purpose on earth. His study of calligraphy, sketch work and imagery become synthesized in his work, resulting in spontaneity poised with earnest examination of color, letterforms and composition.

About Lawrence Savage Galleries
Lawrence Savage Galleries has two more art spaces.
Lawrence Savage Galleries in the Miami Design District at 66 NE 40th St. featuring the work of Steve Martin, Carmen Gusmao, Mart T. Smith and Andrew Muggleton, and east village gallery / art from the street in Wynwood Art District, at 3450 N. Miami Ave. corner of 34th Terr.
The grand opening of this new art gallery specialized in street art in Wynwood will take place on December 2nd, 2008.
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