Amnesia with Dionysus Tea Dance 11/30/08

Amnesia Has Never Been So Memorable
You’ll Never Forget Our Amnesia With Dionysus Tea Dance

White Party Week and Miami Beach promoter extraordinaire Edison Farrow team up to bring you a Tea Dance you’re sure to remember. This legendary Tea Dance takes place on Sunday, November 30th from 6pm to midnight. A true South Beach party with all of your friends at the famous Opium Garden, Miami Beach’s only indoor / outdoor open air dance club.

No Tea Dance is the same without the original Amnesia DJ himself, David Knapp. A highly accomplished and archetypal DJ who helped frame the modern party paradigm, David Knapp is a legend in his own right who continues to influence trends in music while entertaining legions of fans around the world. Often referred to as The People’s DJ because of his unique ability to make each crowd feel like it’s the most important party he’s ever played, David is truly there for the audience as much as they are there for him. David is no stranger to White Party Week and we are very proud to welcome him back.

Come to the Amnesia Tea Dance with your Muscle Beach wristband still on and receive $5 off the door price admission!