Santiago Rubino – Solo Exhibition At Spinello Gallery: Primeval State Of Perfection 12/6/08

Spinello Gallery (2294 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami Florida – 33127) is pleased to present the highly anticipated solo exhibition, “Primeval State of Perfection,” by Miami’s very own breakout artist, Santiago Rubino. This will be Rubino’s second solo show with the gallery.

Santiago Rubino is a 29 year-old self-taught artist from Argentina. While previous bodies of work in which slick draftsman ship and the incorporation of antique frames and clocks have prompted eclectic comparisons with Victorian England and Tim Burton, Rubino’s latest series evokes Ancient Egypt.

Simultaneously remaining faithful to his street art background, these latest works make a departure from miniature elaborate bic renderings to large works that encompass sensitive treatments of formal elements, mathematic precision and scholarly symbolism. Executed with Rubino’s signature stylistic elegance, the works describe a world where myth and symmetry exist on the same plane. By entwining the past with future worlds that glean inspiration from the artist’s affinity with ancient ideologies; Rubino conveys a vision that endures the strain of an ever changing humanity.

Combining a masterful hand with narrative themes, pokerfaced Godesses and Dungeness touting anything from ball gowns to bondage gear Rubino gives his works an ageless value. Committed to sepia toned paper in black graphite, his subjects are often dramatically situated, yet they themselves convey an impassive, fatalistic calm. Seemingly absorbed by notions of status, conscience and circumstance, they pose, recalling man’s decadent malevolence, as if in a dream.

Scented with diverse aspects of modern culture, these pensive and melancholy creatures preside over barren environments; the juxtaposition of their stoicism and the delicate nature of their execution afford an almost maudlin air, which draws the viewer in.
Exhibition through January 3rd, 2009.

Sneak Preview: November 28th, 7-10pm
Official Opening Reception: December 6th, 7-10pm
WAD Walk: December 13th, 7-10pm