Bike Miami Ciclovía! 11/9/08

Bike Miami Ciclovía!

Downtown Miami closes streets to cars, opens city to Bicyclists and Pedestrians.

This will be Miami’s first Cyclovia. Miami will be closing several downtown streets and part of Brickell and will only allow for cyclists to use them. We’ll be meeting for this at the Government Center. This is an extra-curricular ride, and since roads are closed to cars, you can ride at your own speed and it’s encouraged to meet people. This may take place more in the future, we’re definitely looking forward to this.
Bring as many people as you want, this event will be great.
So the tentative ride is from Flagler St W & 1st Ave by the courthouse to Bayfront, and looping back down Miami Ave to Mary Brickell Village.

Ciclovía (also Ciclovia or Cyclovia) is a Spanish term, meaning “bike path,” used in Latin America to mean either a permanent designated bicycle route or a temporary event closing of the street to automobiles to allow dominance by other users. Permanent designated bicycle lanes are also known as ciclo-rutas, while streets temporarily closed for that purpose are always called ciclovías.

Time and PlaceDate: Sunday, November 9, 2008
Time:10:00am – 3:00pm
Location: Downtown Miami
Street: Flagler (from Courthouse to Bayfront) & SE 2nd Ave from Flager to 10th St
City/Town: Miami, FL

There is more information at the following links.