Pool Art Fair Miami Artists Wanted – Last Call

Now in the final stage of selecting artists for the Pool Art Fair in Miami. See below.
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Frere Independent is proud to present its annual independent art fair, PooL. This is the fourth edition of the PooL Art Fair in Miami, and it is slated for December 5, 6 & 7 2008 at the Cavalier Hotel, during the art week in Miami. Of the many fairs that are happening at this time, PooL is the only one that is presenting the work of independent artists.

The simple, modest approach of the PooL Art Fair offers an exciting alternative to the “art fair” experience for dealers and collectors as well as the general public. PooL’s purpose is to create a meeting ground for outstanding artists, primarily those who do not yet have gallery representation. The show will be comprised of young contemporary art dealers, artist agents, emerging galleries, artists’ collectives, and non-profit organizations. Hence, the fair will serve as an invaluable resource for the artistic community and the general public. Exhibitors will be given rooms in which to display their work, creating a unique and intimate setting. They will share with the public their most recent works: unique, original, and challenging art.

PooL is produced by Frere Independent, a not-for-profit art organization, that provides new avenues of dissemination and widespread visibility to emerging and independent artists who do not currently have gallery representation.

Originally envisioned as an event that would promote camaraderie in the arts by providing a meeting ground and market place for artists, art dealers, curators, and the public, the goal of the PooL Art Fair is to engage the public by making art accessible, and to encourage them to support artists. It’s imperative that artists be able to eat, read, and pay their rent just like anyone else.

PooL Miami 08 | Hours
Thursday December 4 Check-in time 3pm
Friday December 5 4pm- 10pm
Saturday December 6 4pm- 10pm
Sunday December 7 4pm- 10p

Participation in PooL Art Fair
The deadline for sending in the application has been extended. However, space is limited and rooms will be assigned as we receive and accept applicants. The show could fill up before the deadline arrives, so please do not wait for the last minute to apply!

To Apply:
Please submit an initial application to receive further information for submitting samples of your artwork. You can access the application at: http://www.divafair.com/divastore/home.php?cat=48 Under Pool Art Fair click on applications and follow the necessary instructions.
All applicants will be reviewed by the PooL Video Miami Beach 2008 Selection Committee, a peer group of international curators. Only the exhibitors who are accepted by the Selection Committee may exhibit at the fair.

Important notification from the fair management
Although art fairs opened to non-represented artists were a tradition in France at the time of Courbet’s famous Salon des Independents, they were non-existent in the U.S. until the creation of the PooL art fair. It is important that all artists understand that PooL is an exchange platform created for the artist. It is with the communication effort of each artist that the fair will be successful. In other words, each artist is responsible for his or her own success. Please invite every one you know, every one you meet and most importantly, every one you want to know. Space is limited, rooms will be assigned as we receive and accept applicants. The show could fill up before the deadline arrives, so please do not wait for the last minute to apply!

Rules and Regulations
PooL is an artist run Fair, therefore it is very important that all participating exhibitors do their best to promote the show. The following list contains the primary vehicles used for promotion by Frere Independent and its participating artists.
– Cards distributed through the following channels: FI mailing list, Cavalier Hotel Website, and participating artists
– FI promotion in conjunction with the DiVA Fair (on site, through mailings)
– Media sponsors and articles
– E-mail Newsletters and e-vites
– Targeted audience (galleries, curators, art enthusiasts)
– Online presence
…and of course, word of mouth! Artists are to promote PooL in their own way.

Exhibition Information
– All participating artists must be approved by Curator/Director of Exhibitions
*Note the participation fee covers the hotel room and Frere Independent’s marketing
– Artists will use hotel guest rooms to display works.
– No themes required, and all media is encouraged (artists are encouraged to present site specific works).
– Works will be available for sale online up to two weeks prior to opening, and during the exhibition.
– Exhibitors will not be allowed to leave a guest list at the front desk. Exhibitors must give any patrons they wish to have free entry a complimentary pass. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Rules for artists
-All rooms must be left in the same condition they were in at the time of check-in. For hanging artwork we recommend using a product called Command by 3M which is available at Staples. It allows for hanging artworks without damaging any surfaces.
– Artists must fall in accordance with the hotel’s regulation on room damages. Artists will have to provide a credit card when they check in to insure responsibility.
– Exhibitors are responsible for all content inside the room including hotel furniture and personal belongings. There is no insurance contracted by the hotel or fair organization. Exhibitors can not remove hotel property from the room at any time.
-All rooms must observe exhibition hours. Failure to do so will result in a $200 penalty per occurrence. This applies to opening and closing time. There is not exception to this rule. Policy will be enforced.
-Artists are responsible for making signs for the doors of their rooms.
-Artists may share rooms, but one person must be designated as the contact person.
-Artists that do not respect the rules will be escorted out. Works stay online. No refunds.

The PooL Art Fair
is organized by Frere Independent.
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NYC + 1 (212) 604 0519
Miami Beach + 1(305)-921-9605
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