Photographs – Last Day Of Disney’s Pleasure Island

Well, for some unknown reason, the bigwigs over at Disney World Orlando got it into their heads that they did not have enough family-oriented activities already and needed to do away with the one adult-themed area to make room for more kiddie stuff. Now, as far as serious nightlife goes, Pleasure Island was really tame and kind of lame, but it was cute and fun. Especially fun was Adventurer’s Club, which was a themed, interactive, skit-based comedy club. We really enjoyed going there and having a good laugh and a bunch of alcohol after a day of pounding the pavement at the parks.

So, we decided to head up to check out Pleasure Island on its last day. We figured it would be busy, but had NO idea how much so. There were people who had been waiting since 8AM to get into Adventurer’s Club! It was slammed beyond belief, with a massive line out the door.

The regular standup comedy club was also slammed, as was the electronic dance club. And huge masses of people were walking the lanes. It was insane. After we hung around for a few, we decided to just bail and go over to City Walk at Universal Studios. The next week we canceled our season passes to Disney. We may renew them at some point in the future, but right now, we are done.

The end!