Artfromz Invites You to Wynwood’s 2nd Saturday Night 10/11/08

Artfromz Invites You to Wynwood’s 2nd Saturday Night 10/11/08 7-10 PM
“Every Picture Tells a Story”……..&………”Mr. & Mrs. Candidate”
Fabian De La Flor——————–Donna Haynes——————-Rosario Rivera-Bond

and continuing Fabian’s Artformz Outzide project until Nov. 3
David Rohn & Danilo de la Torre of Homo Sapiens Live Art
Special Guest Artists Performing Outside
7:30pm – 8:30pm & 9:00pm – 10:00pm
and in the project room David Rohn, performance based photographs
In collaboration with Carol Jazzar – Contemporary Art

The work of these three artists featured for the Artformz October show relate stories, or commentaries, on the human condition. The works each base content on the human figure yet use very different approaches to technique, substance and tone. Fabian De La Flor addresses the personal, urban experience with his signature quirky figures in cityscapes. Donna Haynes brings works from her continuing series of drawn and constructed installations that document the personal and emotional journeys of friends and family. Rosario Rivera-Bond exhibiting work from a new series, features a large format painting dealing with the comic and satirical of female issues of beauty, consumerism and aging.

Artormz is also very pleased to present a special project by Homo Sapiens Live Art. This Miami performance group, recently formed by David Rohn and Danilo de la Torre, will perform their piece titled “Mr and Mrs Candidate”; a continuous performance based on the way presidential (and other) candidates running for public office in the US express themselves. The artists felt that the body language, gestures and expressions of political candidates were an interesting starting point to examining the spectacle of election performance during this and past election season. The performance will take place on the sidewalk in front of Artformz Gallery

In addition, David Rohn will exhibit a series of photographs related to the performance in the Gallery Project Room.

Artformz Alternative
Wynwood Arts District
171 NW 23rd Street
Miami, FL 33127
This event is free and open to the public
For additional information, please contact:
Alette Simmons-Jimenez (305 572 0040) or Carol Jazzar (305 490 6906)