MiaSci invites you to their Celebrity Premiere 10/23/08

MiaSci invites you to their Celebrity Premiere, October 23

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Opening October 25, 2008, Music Música is a combination of two exhibits that look at music from both a cultural and a scientific perspective. American Sabor: Latinos in US Popular Music is the first major museum exhibition to tell the story of the profound influence and impact of Latinos in American popular music. The exhibit includes historical recounts and imagery plus memorabilia from artists like Celia Cruz, Ritchie Valens, Santana and more. Access All Areas analyzes music from its physics, its technology, its artists and the audience. This interactive exhibit is made up of thirty three hands-on exhibits that challenge the spectator to keep the beat, sing in tune, mix tracks, play a never ending scale, conjure music from thin air and learn to “see” music among other activities. You can even design your own rock show!