IKF Latin American Art Auction 2008 at CIFO 10/14/08

International Kids Fund announces the Fourth Edition of
Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Place: Cifo – Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation
1018 North Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida 33136
Time: 7:00 – 10:00 PM
Silent and Live Auction
Art Selection by: MIAMI ART PROJECT Hernan Carrara | Max Berney
Tickets: $75 in advance Purchase tickets online
$100 at the door
RSVP: Nicole Hernandez (305) 585-1137, nhernandez2@med.miami.edu
Attendance limited to Occupancy Capacity
Bid on line at www.ikfartauction.com

Further Information
For the fourth year, the auction attracts some of the most prestigious artists in the world

The International Kids Fund (IKF) Latin American Art Auction 2008 will be held on Tuesday evening October 14 at CIFO – Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation at 1018 North Miami Avenue in Miami. This auction is well respected in the art world because of the caliber of contemporary international art it offers. Known in the art community as “The Collector’s Auction” last year, it attracted more than 500 serious collectors from all over the world. This year 100 prominent artists have donated their works and the selection of art this year is more exciting than ever.

What makes the IKF LATIN AMERICAN ART AUCTION important is that the event benefits the International Kids Fund, a program of Jackson Memorial Foundation that pays for critical surgeries, treatments and necessary care for children with life threatening conditions. IKF has helped hundreds of children since its inception in 2002—and not a day goes by when IKF learns of some child who needs to be treated at Holtz Children’s Hospital. And—Who Can Say No? IKF cannot.

According to Hernan Carrara, former Managing Editor of Arte al Dia International magazine and responsible for the art selection since 2005: “While the great Latin American masters are fetching increasingly high prices at international auctions, many contemporary artists from Latin America are creating works that are promptly snapped up by U.S. and European museums and collectors. In Miami, local and international collectors will have the opportunity to buy art works from artists that may be seen at major art fairs, but with one important distinction: exceptional prices.”

Rosy Cancela, chairman and founder of the auction says, “By purchasing art at our Auction, collectors will walk away with amazing art, and also affect the lives of very sick children.”


Eduardo ABAROA (Mexico) | Gustavo ACOSTA (Cuba) | Alejandro ALMANZA-PEREDA (Mexico) | Julieta ARANDA (Mexico) | ARTEMIO (Mexico) | Alexandre ARRECHEA (Cuba) | Marcela ASTORGA (Argentina) | ATELIER MORALES (Cuba) | Magdalena ATRIA (Chile) | Hugo AVETA (Argentina) | Plinio AVILA (Mexico) | Amadeo AZAR (Argentina) | Brigida BALTAR (Brazil) | Felipe BARBOSA (Brazil) | Milton BECERRA (Venezuela) | Loriel BELTRAN (Colombia) | Monica Bengoa (Chile) | Carlos BETANCOURT (Puerto Rico) | Romina BERGER (Argentina) | Ada BOBONIS (Puerto Rico) |Tania BRUGUERA (Cuba) | Luis CAMNITZER (Uruguay) | Pablo CANO (Cuba) | Amalia CAPUTO (Venezuela) | Maria Fernanda CARDOSO (Colombia) | Andres CARRETERO (Mexico) | Liset CASTILLO (Cuba) | Carolina CAYCEDO (Puerto Rico) | Saint-Claire CEMIN (Brazil) | Sandra CINTO (Brazil) | Rolando CLADERA (Argentina) | Emilio CHAPELA PEREZ (Mexico) | Marta CHILINDRON (Argentina) | Flavia DA RIN (Argentina) | Gabriel DE LA MORA (Mexico) | Gabriel DELPONTE (Argentina) | Facundo DE ZUVIRIA (Argentina) | Wilson DIAZ (Colombia) | Sebastian DIAZ MORALES (Argentina) | Ines DRAGOSCH (Argentina) | Gerardo ECHEVARRIA (Argentina) | Leandro ERLICH (Argentina) | Dario ESCOBAR (Guatemala) | Manuel Esnoz (Argentina) | Juan-Pedro FABRA (Uruguay) | Jose Gabriel FERNANDEZ (Venezuela) | Carlos GARAICOA (Cuba) | Victor GOMEZ (Costa Rica) | Maximo GONZALEZ (Argentina) | Luis GONZALEZ PALMA (Guatemala) | GORY (Cuba) | Ruben GUTIERREZ (Mexico) | Patrick HAMILTON (Chile) | Federico HERRERO (Costa Rica) | Juan IRIBARREN (Venezuela) | Federico JUNCA (Colombia) | Silvana LACARRA (Argentina) | Ramses LARZABAL (Venezuela) | Gonzalo LEBRIJA (Mexico) | Artur LESCHER (Brazil) | Marcos LOPEZ (Argentina) | Rafael LOZANO HEMMER (Mexico) | Jorge MACCHI (Argentina) | Marco MAGGI (Uruguay) | Fabian MARCACCIO (Argentina) | Matilde MARIN (Argentina) | MARTIN & SICILIA (Mexico) | Sara MODIANO (Colombia) | Luis MOLINA-PANTIN (Venezuela) | Priscilla MONGE (Costa Rica) | Carlos MOTTA (Colombia) | Ivan NAVARRO (Chile) | Ernest NETO (Brazil) | Oscar OIWA (Brazil) | Damian ONTIVERO-RAMIREZ (Mexico) | Cecilia PAREDES (Peru) | Fabia PENA (Cuba) | Marta Maria PEREZ-BRAVO (Cuba) | Jorge PINEDA-PEREZ (Dominican Republic) | Liliana PORTER (Argentina) | RES (Argentina) | Ramses RODRIGUEZ-OLAYA (Mexico) | Miguel RODRIGUEZ-SEPULVEDA (Mexico) | David ROSENBLOOM (United States) | Osvaldo SALERNO (Paraguay) | Carlos SALGADO (Mexico) | Alessandra SANGUINETTI (Argentina) | Carolina SARDI (Argentina) | Andres SERRANO (United States) | Regina SILVEIRA (Brazil) | Valeska SOARES (Brazil) | Ruben TORRES-LLORCA (Cuba) | Adriana VAREJAO (Brazil) | Rafael VARGAS-SUAREZ (Universal) (Mexico) | Alejandra VILLASMIL (Venezuela)

For further information on how to get involved or purchase tickets please call Nicole Hernandez at 305-585-1137 or visit us online at www.ikfartauction.com