For Immediate Release [ Federico Nessi – Solo Exhibition: Emotional Response Can Be Deconditioned ] 9/13/08
Spinello Gallery (2294 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami Florida – 33127) is pleased to present the highly anticipated solo exhibition, “Emotional Response Can Be Deconditioned,” by season opener, Federico Nessi. This will be Nessi’s first solo show with the gallery for which the space will be specially reconditioned.
Haunting themes of instability, insecurity and panic temper this forthcoming exhibition by the Miami based artist. Imbuing mundane, everyday materials like flashlights and hand mirrors with a host of universal and metaphoric meanings, Nessi explores the dark side of love; particularly feelings of obsession and submission that arise from tensions within relationships.
Taking its name from a controversial statement in the 1970’s defending the practice of aversion therapy [including shock therapy] the exhibition questions the notion that feelings can be controlled.
Through the crystallization of his own poetic idioms and the consistent use of familiar objects in unfamiliar ways, Nessi succeeds in creating a specific emotional environment that harks to the shame of loss. Yet the simplicities inherent in his production expose an acute and calculated mendacity, for whilst these scenes may evoke fantastic elements, there is intentionally nothing fantastic about them at all. Free of heavy symbolism and explanative content, his work serves purely to summarize; paired or arranged into series’ that allow narratives to form.
The exhibition, which will exercise unexplored aesthetic versatility by completely altering the interior of the gallery, will also be venturing onto the street for a special performance on Saturday, September 13th. Joining the artist will be a bevy of local talent and recurrent collaborators including Victor Barrenechea, Ricardo Guerrero, Ana Mendez, Alexander Puentes & Alex Senf.
Exhibition through October 4th.