The Library is Important to All of Us – An Open Letter from John Quick

This is an open letter to the community by John Quick, President of Friends of the Miami-Dade Libraries

Most of us were introduced to libraries as children by our teachers or parents a source for wonderful stories and information for school projects.

Over the years, public libraries were converted into community centers with meeting rooms, organized story time, academic tutoring and computer stations with free Internet connectivity, and computer literacy training for seniors. They also became a source for early literacy support for parents with small children, digital-media learning centers; free electronic books, audio books for the visually impaired and the disabled, door to door service for the infirmed, reading instruction for illiterate adults, and so much more.

But over the past few years, our libraries have been stripped of almost every public service. Operating hours have been cut and they are no longer open 7 days a week.
As a father of two young children, ages 4 and 2, I expected libraries to always be available for my kids and for future generations. I never realized we would have to fight to keep them open and available for future generations.

Libraries are not a relic of the past. They are critical to a vibrant, successful community with an educated workforce.

Please tell your Miami-Dade County Commissioner that libraries are central to the future of Miami-Dade County and let him or her know before the critical Thursday, September 18 County Commission meeting that will decide the future of our libraries.

Visit to find out how you can make a difference.

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