LoveNights Workshops 1/10/13, 1/17/13, 1/24/13, 1/31/13

LoveNights Workshops
Thursday, 01/17/2013, 08:00 pm – 10:00 pm
hdrhdhdsdAyama Yoga
2250 NE 163rd street Miami Gardens Florida,
2250 NE 163rd street , Florida Miami Gardens
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Register at: WWW.LOVENIGHTS.WEBS.COM *Space is Limited

Come feel the Love and join a journey of love and transformation in the spacious studios of Ayama Yoga!

Get a hands on opportunity to share a new experience and create new memories all in the guidance of experts who have dedicated themselves all for the sake of love. These workshops span out in a 4 week period of innovative activities to share with your partner, or close friends once a week. Turn your Thursday nights into a social platform of all ages!

New Age Arts & Exercises:


Workshop 1: January 10

– With Sofi Matz
– Psychotherapist & Relationship Specialist
– 90 Minutes
– Get in touch with your sexuality with techniques to communicate and connect with your sex life.

“There are a few individuals as perceptive and as kind as Sofi. Her insights and compassion are brought to all her interactions; she taught me a universe about myself.”


Workshop 2: January17

– With Miriam and Anna
– 90 minutes
– Explore your body with Asana & Kundalini Yoga to unlock the energy between you, your lover or close friend. Tailored to all!
(yoga mats provided)

“One of the best teachers in Miami! She is great. Miriam incorporated the spiritual and meditative aspects in her class. She always comfortably explains the technical side of each asana. That’s truly amazing. Her class is equally good for all levels, trust me!”

“Anna is a vibrant, funny, sweetheart of a Yoga teacher. She channels networks of people to inspire `Perfection in action` through her amazing yoga classes. She is one of my favorites.”


Workshop 3: January 24

– With Darcy Schmidt & a couple in love
– 90 minutes
– A Presentation on Homeopathic Remedies that help any part of you and your partners life.

With our couple in love, Nicole and Jean Marc will give couples and close friends the opportunity to practice hand & foot massages. To reignite the fire, we will also teach new techniques around writing love notes to your loved one.


Workshop 4: January 31

– How to Enjoy a Spiritual Relationship
– 90 minutes
– Get a glimpse of the true potential of a Spiritual Relationship

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