Around The World Food and Wine Event 9/24/11

Around The World Food and Wine Event
Saturday, September 24, 2011 from 7:30pm-10:00pm.
Miami Science Museum
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Celebrating the Unique melting pot that is Miami and its different Cultures
Regular admission: $80
VIP Admission: $120

Around the World Food & Wine Event is a fall festival that will transform the Miami Science Museum into a food and wine haven. There will be food and wine to enjoy from all over the world. Everyone will visit the different regions of the world and savor the unique taste that each country brings. The Theatre will be full of positive energy vibes once our Local bands hit the stage with Salsa, Soft Rock, Jazz & Progressive music. Surely, a tune for everyone to move to will be found.

All exhibits will be exposed for you to enjoy in the Miami Science Museum while delighting in some of the area’s best restaurants, which will be serving tapa size savoring food. Republic National Distributing Company will have the wine flowing for all to sample the distinct aromas and essences that make a great wine.

This elegant event will showcase the delightful flavors of many international wines and spirits along with the samplings from Miami’s best restaurants.

Around the World Food & Wine Event will benefit Pillars of Love, a Non-profit Organization dedicated to improving the world and spreading love including: sheltering, feeding and educating, orphaned children all over the world and helping with natural disasters. Our goal is to build Pillars of Love and create a better world for the less fortunate. Pillars of Love will become the foundation for many to find love, spiritual guidance, appropriate medical attention, and education that will help them obtain a brighter and better future.

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