How to Hire for Success™ – Business Workshop 1/31/23

How to Hire for Success™ – Business Workshop
Tuesday, 01/31/2023-, 05:00 pm-07:00 pm

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Learn the top 3 methods to hiring better, faster and cheaper from Silicon Valleys’ top people, hiring, success coach and team performance coach.

NOTE: This is NOT FOR RECRUITERS (They don’t build your culture or make your hiring decisions, you do!)

THIS IS FOR: HIRING DECISION MAKERS: Founders, C-level Execs, Hiring Managers, & Solopreneurs

COMPANIES: (Is this you?)
– Between 1 – 650 PEOPLE
– Currently hiring, or going to hire, in 2023
– Hiring between 1 – 450 people in 2023
– Hiring W2, 1099, Full or Part-Time people
– Any location around the world
– Any industry

On January 31, 2023, Alana Fulvio, Silicon Valley’s #1 Hiring & Culture Success Coach, Team Performance Trainer & 13x World Record-holding Athlete, who scaled fast growing Startups like, LINKEDIN and GOPRO, is HOSTING A LIVE (FREE) HIRING FOR SUCCESS™ ZOOM EVENT to reveal the Top 2023 winning strategies (they are simpler than you would expect and any company can use them).

Is this going to be the year your company hires your BEST HIRES, is known for having a GREAT CULTURE, becomes a MAGNET FOR TOP TALENT and spends the LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME & MONEY to do it?

Some of the Rare Methods & Strategies you will learn:
Alana has recruited 1000’s, coached 100’s just like you and built some of the world’s winning talent processes. She will set you apart from the 98% of companies who hire with unoptimized methods and look back on the year and wish they had done it differently.

  • How to create a work culture that people love and is a magnet for top candidates

  • The 3 Keys to a successful interview process candidates tell their network about after

  • The top 2023 Search Strategies that cost less and yield more

  • The Top 3 Ways Hiring Leaders overspend on staffing agencies and how to cut that cost

  • AND SO MUCH MORE! (You’ll want to be there the entire time because Alana always saves a BONUS to give away to a few participants who played full out and she has a surprise for all of you.)

2023 can be THE YEAR YOUR COMPANY WINS BIGGER than you imagined, but you cannot using the same strategies, methods expecting different results. If you want to be a part of the 2% who succeeds, come learn from Alana’s 20+ years and late nights creating winning game plans for leaders just like you.

Don’t Become a Part of The Statistics: This year, 98% of companies, of all sizes, in all markets and locations, will unknowingly hire with the same unmodernized tactics, methods and costly staffing support a wonder why they’re not getting the optimized results they need.

SAVE YOUR SPOT HERE FOR FREE, then, share this with 3 leaders who you believe could use this knowledge too (when your network wins, it comes back to you 10x!)

You are the leader who can win this year, you just have to believe it, step up and have the skills and knowledge to win. Let’s make 2023 the year your pipeline was full of top candidates, your people talked about what a great culture they work in and candidate walks out of their interview in awe of what they just experienced.

Alana is also an intuitive so she can read what is happening at the core of your business and give you the solutions.

Join Alana and her team.