Battle Court Jai-Alai Brings “The World’s Fastest Game” To Miami 10/14/22

Battle Court Jai-Alai Brings “The World’s Fastest Game” To Miami
Friday, 10/14/2022-, 06:30 pm-
The Magic City Fronton
450 NW 37th Ave,
Miami, Florida, 33125

Standing out amongst common, run-of-the-mill sporting events is an innovative and exciting take on a sport that originated in the Basque region of Spain and France – Battle Court Jai-Alai.

The high speed game, coined “The World’s Fastest Ball Sport,” involves bouncing a ball off a walled-in space by accelerating it to speeds of over 150 mph with a hand-held wicker cesta. While Jai-Alai took root in Miami nearly 50 years ago during the go-go days of the 1970s and ’80s, the new take on the game promises to provide even more thrills and action to game attendees. The fresh spin on the game takes the best features of Jai-Alai singles and doubles matches and combines them with a state-of-the-art Jai-Alai court and the world’s best Jai-Alai players (some of them even being home-grown from University of Miami). Additionally, to speed up the sport, Magic City has reduced the traditional fronton length by nearly 60 feet and replaced the typical goatskin ball with a bouncier pelota that ricochets against a high-impact glass wall instead of a more commonly-seen granite wall. Magic City has also launched a new and more exciting format of play, which resembles the way tennis matches are played and promises to keep fans on the edge of their seats all season long.

This September marks the start of the Fall 22 Battle Court season, lasting 9 weeks and played exclusively at the Magic City Fronton. Game attendees will enjoy all the perks of a live sporting event, such as sports bar style food and drinks, and sleek VIP areas, plus a high-energy DJ, cornhole, and fun raffles. The event is open to all ages, family and friends, and welcomes existing fans of the sport and those who are new to the world of Jai-Alai to experience something like never before. Whether you’re a lover of the game or simply want to shake up your Friday night, Battle Court Jai-Alai is sure to entertain.
The introduction of Jai-Alai adds to Miami’s expansive and innovative sports scene. Where other cities focus on tried and true sports traditions, Miami is increasingly on the cutting edge, bringing in events that are sure to surprise and delight guests.

“Battle Court Jai-Alai is dedicated to sharing the legacy and excitement of ‘The World’s Fastest Sport’ with a new generation of fans,” says Scott Savin, the chief operating officer of Magic City. “We’re thrilled to be building the future of Jai-Alai in the Miami community.”

Doors open at 6:30pm and the first serve is at 7:00pm. The matches will be available to stream on ESPN3, FTF Sports,, and the Jai-Alai app live, allowing anyone to take part in the action between now and mid-November 2022. The Magic City Fronton is located at 450 NW 37th Ave, Miami, FL 33125 and offers free parking for game day attendees. Learn more about Battle Court Jai-Alai at

Until November 2022, lovers of the game or those just wanting to experience something new are invited to experience the high action game and event extras like food and drinks, music, raffles, and more.