OutFit Open Air Fitness to Host Ladies Morning Out at The City of Plantation’s Central Park on July 16 7/16/22

OutFit Open Air Fitness to Host Ladies Morning Out at The City of Plantation’s Central Park on July 16
Sunday, 07/16/2022-, 07:15 am-
The City of Plantation’s Central Park
9151 NW 2nd Street,
Plantation, Florida, 33324
Cost: Free

Requiring social distancing? NO REPLY
Requiring masks? NO REPLY
Providing hand sanitizer? NO REPLY

OutFit – an innovative mobile fitness service bringing convenient, affordable, expertly-led private training and group fitness classes to parks and neighborhoods – will host “Ladies Morning Out” at The City of Plantation’s Central Park on July 16 at 7:15 a.m. Participants will endure a heart pumping, muscle building, full body workout while enjoying the fresh air. The 50-minute workout class will consist of 25 minutes of HIIT followed by 25 minutes of Zumba®. After the class, participants will enjoy healthy snacks and beverages.

Led by “Outfitter in Charge” Michelle Correa, the signature full body HIIT (high intensity interval training) Strength Circuit targets strength and conditioning with intense efforts and short rest periods while utilizing a color training system that keeps individuals challenged. Participants will do multiple sets of each exercise that provide maximum strength benefits while short rest periods ensure some cardiovascular development. The class includes four training stations featuring two exercises each highlighting mobility, stability, strength, power, core and cardio movements. All rounds consist of eight sets with duration options of 40 seconds (green), an optional push of 10 seconds (yellow), and either 25 seconds or 15 seconds of rest (white). There is also a 60 second strength boost after the last set at each station.

“Outfitter in Charge” and Zumba® certified instructor Laura White will lead a heartrate-boosting, dance party! Zumba® incorporates different body weight movements paired perfectly with the fast and slow rhythms of the music.

Participants can enter a raffle for the opportunity to win two personal training sessions with Outfitter in Charge Michelle Correa. Members who bring a friend to “Ladies Morning Out” who signs up for an OutFit membership will be awarded with an OutFit tank top and the friend will receive a 50% off their first month subscription.

OutFit delivers large, circuit-style classes that are open workouts conveniently located in beautiful public spaces coined “training grounds.” The classes provide the perfect blend of strength, cardio, flexibility, and fun. Each class is led by an expertly trained fitness coach, named an “OutFitter in Charge,” who arrives in an on-demand fitness van equipped with TRX® training gear and a heart-pumping sound and light system.

Offering a diverse roster of classes, Outfit workouts are unique with participants never repeating the same class. OutFit’s varied classes includes its signature HIIT (high intensity interval training) Strength Circuit, HIIT Cardio Circuit, Total HIIT Circuit, Tabata Circuit, Cardio Line Circuit, Strength Line Circuit, Interval Down Circuit, 30/30 HIIT Circuit, Yoga Flow and Zumba®.

OutFit’s HIIT classes employ a wide variety of TRX® training equipment such as Suspension Trainers®, kettlebells, strength bands & Bandits®, power bags, Rip Trainers®, jump ropes, agility ladders, and a range of calisthenics, agility movements, and stretches, to challenge members appropriately at all skill levels and make exercise fun. OutFit is accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels.

OutFit Founder Randy Hetrick, a former Navy SEAL and Founder of TRX®, launched the pilot program in West Broward in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic when many of the fitness industry’s most seasoned trainers and innovators found themselves out of work and gyms closed everywhere. Hetrick brought together a team of veteran fitness industry executives to form OutFit.