Ubú Pandemic 2/3/22, 2/4/22, 2/5/22, 2/6/22

Ubú Pandemic
Thursday, 02/03/2022-02/06/2022, 08:30 pm-
Miami-Dade Auditorium
2901 West Flagler Street,
Miami, Florida, 33135
Cost: $28 – $33

Requiring social distancing? NO REPLY
Requiring masks? YES
Providing hand sanitizer? YES

Amid an unprecedented social crisis, King Ubú is forced to return to the island he founded, the mythical Uba, whose people have rebelled in response to widespread poverty. To top it off, a hitherto unknown pandemic is overrunning the world at lightning speed and threatening to spread onto the island. Convinced of the residents’ immunity, Ubú launches an unusual campaign to build up the country in the midst of the disaster, not realizing his strategy will prompt a fateful outcome. Written by Abel González Melo and directed by Mario Ernesto Sánchez.