House Of Skye Presents Its Revolutionary “SexyBack Bra” At Miami Swimsuit Week 2021 7/11/21

House Of Skye Presents Its Revolutionary “SexyBack Bra” At Miami Swimsuit Week 2021
Sunday, 07/11/2021-, 10:00 pm-11:00 pm
MIAMI BEACH, Florida, 33140

Requiring social distancing? YES
Requiring masks? OPTIONAL
Providing hand sanitizer? YES

Miami Swim Week is officially here, designers from all over the world will exhibit their designs at Swim Week 2021 powered by Art Hearts Fashion. Creative Director and C.E.O of House of Skye, Skye Yayoi Drynan will showcase her functional and fashionable “Sexyback Bra” on July 11th at 10 pm at The Faena Forum in Miami Beach.

The must-have bra can be styled in over 12 ways, making it the most versatile undergarment in the world. The sexy and functional bra is freeing women from the classic strapless or sticky bras that have become popular on social media. Owner and Designer, Skye Drynan created a one-of-a-kind bra for all women, from the light to busty ladies perfect for any occasion. The SexyBack Bra has 22 tabs that provide a variety of bra styles at your fingertips. Easily switch styles by moving the bra hooks to adjust to any dress or top style. Skye, has been an inventor and in the biotech industry for decades, this is why she sought to fill the void in “backless bras”. As the visionary behind House of Skye, the self-made Skye Drynan looks to fuse her invaluable experience as an entrepreneur and inventor with her taste for high fashion to deliver the function and versatility that women need in fashion. Rooted in luxury, the House of Skye brand offers thoughtfully couture design, unrivaled craftsmanship, and the utmost quality.

Her journey began in 2016 when she gave up on all the current fad bras and custom bras you would see in stores. Avoiding wardrobe malfunctions like a silicone pasted bra slipping away in the middle of the night, she began designing a sexy, fashionable, and comfortable bra, one that would hold in all the right places all while allowing for the perfect look while wearing backless dresses or tops. Although she has designed and patented the most versatile bra in the world, Skye comes from humble beginnings. From waiting tables and bartending to working her way up the corporate ladder on Wall Street in the ’90s, to being in the forefront of genetics, and later funding some of the world’s biggest medical breakthroughs, Skye’s track record shows nothing short of success.

“When I began this journey I wanted to engineer the perfect backless bra for my girlfriends and I,“ Said Skye Yayoi Drynan, Designer and C.E.O of House of Skye, “ However, in the process, I realized there was a huge void to be filled in the industry, fast forward 5 years later, we have the most revolutionary and versatile bra with 7 patents 2 for its utility and 5 for its design in over 111 countries, came to life! ” Skye says.

The collection is launching this weekend at Miami Swim Week, July 11, 2021, at 10 PM. The House of Skye “Transformer Sexy Bra” collection will feature 6 designs from nude, black, a sexy snakeskin to luxurious rose gold, all showcasing its various use, from backless to one shoulder, to everyday wear.