Jaguar LAB Live Stream! 10/14/20

Jaguar LAB Live Stream!
Wednesday, 10/14/2020-, 05:30 pm-06:30 pm
Jaguar Restaurant | Latin-American Habitat
3067 Grand Avenue Coconut Grove, FL 33133,
Miami, Florida, 33133

Requiring social distancing? NO REPLY
Requiring masks? NO REPLY
Providing hand sanitizer?NO REPLY

Jaguar LAB has the honor to have as a special guest Nilton Castillo from Cilantro 27 Ceviche and Sliders 305.

It will be a unique experience to see what both chefs bring to the table as they come together and create a Ceviche fusion using their one-of-a-kind flavors and sharing their cooking tips.

You will experience how Jaguar’s dishes are prepared with bursts of flavors; packed with tasty ingredients and prepared at the moment. So, get ready to enhance your Ceviche creativity by the ceviche experts, Chef Oscar Del Rivero and Chef Nilton Castillo.

Guests are encouraged to learn, cook, eat, drink, and enjoy as they tune-in to the weekly Jaguar LAB Live Stream!

(Photo Credit – Jaguar Restaurant)