Jaguar Celebrates National Taco Day! 10/4/20

Jaguar Celebrates National Taco Day!
Sunday, 10/04/2020-, 11:00 am-08:00 pm
Jaguar Restaurant | Latin-American Habitat
3067 Grand Avenue Coconut Grove, FL 33133,
Miami, Florida, 33133

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What better way to celebrate National Taco Day than with Jaguar’s savory tortillas stuffed with your favorite protein such as steak, fish, or pork. Whether you prefer your tortilla folded like a burrito or as a hard shell, you can indulge yourself with countless variations of tacos that are often garnished with guacamole, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, and salsa.

In celebration of National Taco Day, Jaguar will be running their regular Taco Tuesday special: With a taco dish order (three tacos), get a Margarita 50% off. Some of the fan favorites include the fish tacos that are prepared with grilled Mahi, slaw, chipotle aioli, as well as the pork tacos, served with pulled pork roasted with achiote, pickled red onions, and guacamole. These dishes are a delicacy, and they taste even better when washed down with Margaritas or beer.

(Photo Credit – Jaguar Restaurant)