Jaguar LAB Live Stream! 8/19/20

Jaguar LAB Live Stream!
Wednesday, 08/19/2020-, 05:30 pm-06:30 pm

Tune-In as Chef Oscar del Rivero shares his cooking tips on his unique and authentic Latin-American cuisine paired with Jaguar’s delicious signature drinks. Joining this Wednesday will be the Chef’s special guest Carmen F. Ibarra, creator of The Next Course!

They will get together and create a delicious recipe with his tips for you to make it in the comfort of your home. You will experience how Jaguar’s dishes are prepared with bursts of flavors; packed with tasty ingredients and prepared at the moment. Jaguar’s dishes do not disappoint!

Guests are encouraged to learn, cook, eat, drink, and enjoy as they tune-in to the weekly Jaguar LAB Live-Stream!

Tune in on Coconut Grove BID’s Instagram or Facebook platforms.


(Photo Credit – Jaguar Restaurant)