News: GMCVB Launches Miami Spice To-Go

GMCVB Expands Commitment To Restaurants With The Launch Of New Miami Spice Options And Expansion Of The Award-Winning Miami Eats Program

New Miami Spice To-Go and expanded Miami Eats program provide the restaurant industry with an opportunity to generate business safely and responsibly while helping keep hospitality industry workers employed.
Miami Spice To Go Website
Miami Spice Website
Miami Eats Website

In response to new emergency orders prohibiting indoor dining in Miami-Dade County restaurants, the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) adapted the beloved Miami Spice Restaurant program to promote those participants that are offering to-go as well as outdoor dining for their prix-fix meals which include appetizer, main course and dessert for $25 lunch/brunch and $39 dinner. The new Miami Spice options complement the existing and award-winning Miami Eats program developed by the GMCVB in April when local restaurants experienced their first wave of closures. Miami Eats recently won the “Grass Roots Relief Effort Time In Award” for promoting hundreds of restaurants’ takeout and delivery services throughout Greater Miami and the Beaches. Together, Miami Spice-To Go and Miami Eats provides locals the opportunity to enjoy their favorite foods from local culinary establishments, while helping restaurants generate revenue in a safe and responsible way.

More than 100 restaurants are participating in Miami Spice with an outdoor dining option and more than 60 are now offering Miami Spice To-Go. The Miami Spice webpage offers easy to use filters allowing users to search Miami Spice restaurants by neighborhood, cuisine type as well as those offering to-go menus. A similar approach is used with the Miami Eats webpage which provides a list of more than 1,200 restaurants offering takeout and delivery of their standard menus. Miami Eats calls on residents to “Order Out’ and “Help Out” the local restaurant industry by calling them directly to place their orders to avoid fees whenever possible.

“Miami Spice To-Go and Miami Eats are both examples of GMCVB programs created in record-time to respond to the travel and hospitality industry’s urgent need to stimulate business during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said William D. Talbert, III, CDME, President & CEO of the GMCVB. “Miami-Dade County’s travel and hospitality industry is the top employer in the community and the GMCVB is committed to generating business for the industry in a responsible and safe way during these unprecedented times.”

This year Miami Spice is free to all GMCVB partners. Miami Eats is free and open to all Miami-Dade County restaurants regardless of location, cuisine or price point. All respective participants will be listed on the Miami Spice and/or Miami Eats website, offering consumers a single platform and a one-stop-shop with easy browse and search capabilities.

For Miami-Dade residents aware of any restaurant providing delivery or takeout that is not on the Miami Eats current list, please email

For restaurants that would like to participate in Miami Eats, please click here.

For restaurants that would like to participate in Miami Spice To-Go, please email:

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