MOAD MDC Presents: The Experimental City (2017) 5/9/19

MOAD MDC Presents: The Experimental City (2017)
Thursday, 05/09/2019 – 06:00 pm –
Bill Cosford Cinema, University of Miami
5030 Brunson Drive, Memorial Building 227,
Coral Gables, Florida 33134
Cost: Free

The Experimental City is a documentary about the Minnesota Experimental City project, a futuristic attempt to solve urban problems by creating a full-size city from scratch in the isolated woods of northern Minnesota. At the heart of the story is renowned scientist, inventor, and comic-strip author, Athelstan Spilhaus, who dreams of a new kind of planned city—a truly experimental city that continuously changes to find workable urban solutions. This new city would employ the newest technologies in communications, transport, pollution control, energy supply—even large-scale domed enclosure—in an attempt to create more livable cities for the twenty-first century. It was a compelling vision, with powerful backers, hundreds of experts, and its own state agency. But not everyone fell in line with this newfangled vision for the future.

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